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Lo! She returns!

November 30, 2003 10:43 pm

Yeah, yeah, I’m back at school after a nice long car ride. Blarg. That’s okay though. T.J.’s a good driver and good company. But it was nice to arrive and be greeted by Furman’s famous fountains. (yay alliteration? *rolls eyes*)

Thanksgiving was good, if busy. I think it tends to be the least relaxing break we get. Spring break is the same length, but then I’m the only one of my friends home, so I end up sitting around the house doing lots of not much.

So I was kept fairly busy, but it was good busy – spending time with J.C. and with the gang and with family…and eating good food! Hoorah for home cooking!!

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Pug wrote a comment on November 30, 2003

Your spring break happens at a bad time. You need to complain. 🙂

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