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Getting plague: priceless

December 3, 2003 8:51 pm

No, this actually doesn’t have to do with the fact that my roommate and I have had more than our share of sickness this term. There were some interesting quips written in sidewalk chalk around the Johns Hall breezeway today, saying odd things like “Getting the flu: $0. Getting a flea bite: $0. Getting the plague: priceless” and “I infect. I kill. What’s your verb?” I have absolutely NO idea what group is resposible for these gems, but my favorite was “Have you hugged your favorite microbiologist lately?”

I guess the real story of my week is the oratorio. At the end of every fall and spring term (no that isn’t redundant – that excludes our shorter winter term), Furman Singers, Women’s and Men’s Chorales, and the Orchestra get together and put together an oratorio or two, and every other Christmas, it’s Handel’s Messiah. This happens to be a Messiah year. However, it’s Dr. Joiner’s turn to direct, and he decided not to do the whole thing this time. He picked some highlights of the piece, and we’re also dong Poulenc’s Gloria.

(Aside: Because only hard-core enthusiasts of classical music have ever heard of Mr. Poulenc, I offer you 2 quick facts.
1. The guy was French, so of course his name is not pronouced phonetically….it’s more like Poo-lank. That looks really bad somehow, but there you have it.
2. He lived from about 1890 to 1970 (sorry, too lazy to look up the actual dates), so his music is really wierd until you get used to it and it all comes together. Then it’s pretty cool. Usually.
This ends my two minute lecture on Poulenc. End aside.)

My personal preference is Messiah, though, probably because it’s something I’ve heard a lot at home. (My dad is a virtuoso of the CD player and appreciates classical music.)

Anyway, since the concert is this Friday, we have rehearsals every day this week, which is kind of a drain on my time, but it’s worked out okay. We’re almost there!

So, recap: Hug Theresa, Poulenc is wierd, Messiah rocks, and Katie is busy. The end!

4 Responses to “Getting plague: priceless”

Elf wrote a comment on December 4, 2003

I could’ve sworn Theresa was at UF, not Furman. So how did all that microbiology and virus stuff get on Furman’s sidewalks?

Carmen wrote a comment on December 4, 2003


Elf wrote a comment on December 4, 2003

So that’s where the ninja monkey horde I was training disappeared off to. I want them back, Carmen!

Odette wrote a comment on December 4, 2003

Wow. Talented monkeys!

Hmmm. Also talented Elf to train them and talented Carmen to hmmmm, “borrow” them! 😉

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