Vulcan’s Peak


January 25, 2004 9:26 pm

We have a snow day tomorrow!!

The forcast for Greenville said we were just supposed to get freezing rain today, but the white stuff started coming down about midday. We thought it wouldn’t stick, but it did! There isn’t much, but it doesn’t take much for South Carolina to start shutting down – concerns about icy roads, mostly. That does open the door for lots of jokes about silly South Carolina from professors who come from places like Montana and Wisconsin.

Funny thing – last December there was a day when there was ice in the forcast, so people in my anthropology class started in with, “Well, Dr. S., if your driveway looks a little icy tomorrow, we’ll understand if you can’t make it to class. You could just go ahead and cancel, we wouldn’t be too disappointed…” Which is amusing in itself, but what makes it hilarious is that this is the man who came into class every day with a mug that said “University of Wisconsin” on it!

3 Responses to “Bwahaha!”

Pug wrote a comment on January 26, 2004

I hope there’s enough for you to make snow forts and have snowball fights!!! YAAAAAARRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Crunch wrote a comment on January 26, 2004

Jeez!!! There’s a bloody couple of feet of snow up here, and we don’t get classes canceled. You people are such wusses. I’m just hiding my jealousy behind a fierce exterior.

Odette wrote a comment on January 26, 2004

Well, they probably salt your roads before they freeze over…like what we’ve got today. We got some rain and ice yesterday, then snow, and then it all froze last night. So everything is ice.

And yes, I admit that we’re wusses down here.

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