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First week

March 13, 2004 11:11 pm

My classes are going to be good, I think. Even HES is sounding bearable. Two days a week Dr. Moss lectures on things like general health and nutrition sorts of things, and two days a week are exersize days in the gym with all the aerobic and weight machines (I think pretty soon we’re going to have to make out our own exercize programs – whoo). The fifth day alternates between lecture and exercize. What makes it decent is that Dr. Moss is a really nice guy. In some respects, he reminds me a little of Mr. Harper at Meigs, only more cheery than sarcastic (sometimes a little toooo cheery for that time of morning, but that’s okay. There are worse faults.)

At ten I have German lit 1750 to the present. I’m a little intimidated – it’s the first class I’ve had with a bunch of upperclass German majors (and a lot of them spent fall term in Germany). Fortunately, there are five of us who had German together last fall. That’s really nice – I know that at least they are on the same level as I am. The first thing we’re reading is a play called ‘Emilia Galotti’ by Lessing, premiered in 1772. It’s tough sometimes, but not as incredibly hard as I was afraid it might be. And from what Dr. Chew says, the older stuff is harder, so things will become easier as the term goes on. She says that she’s tried going backwards to start with the easier things, but that makes talking about the historical background of everything really confusing.

What’s really interesting is that I’m sure German must have changed as much in the last three hundred years as English has, but where reading English prose from 1750 is harder (generally speaking) than something modern, in German there are enough words I don’t know anyway that I don’t notice the difference.

My other class is 16th century English lit, which will be fun, I think.

The Greenville library is getting a travelling exhibit on Elizabeth I next month. It’s a really big deal, and there are going to be all sorts of lectures and events about Elizabeth and the time period and such, and my English class gets to get in on the fun. Instead of just doing class presentations . . . we’re doing public presentations at the various library branches. The first group even gets to dress up in period costume and explain the exhibit at the VIP reception (which I think would be great fun), but I didn’t get to the sign-up sheet fast enough to be in that group. I’m in a group doing a children’s program on a Saturday morning – most people didn’t want to be in that group because it’s during beach weekend (*rolls eyes*). It’ll be fun, though.

If you’re interested, this is the exhibit:

Jen and I rearranged the room this week! When we got back, there were notices posted around the dorms announcing that filters were going to be changed this week, so everything needed to be moved from in front of the AC unit. Meaning my bed. When the filters were moved over Christmas, we switched my desk and my bed, but it was very awkward. We didn’t want to deal with that again, so we decided to try bunking the beds, and we’ve decided that we like it. It gives us enough space to get the tv off the dresser, which is great! The dvd player is out of Jen’s drawer, the VCR is off her side of the dresser, the tv is off the dresser, giving us both the surface and the mirror! I have the top bunk (I would hit my head if I were on the bottom), and I’ve gotten it through my head that I won’t fall off in the night. (I didn’t sleep well the first night, but since then, I’ve slept like a log, as usual.) I have a cozy nest up there to study, which is fun.

I guess that’s enough of a book for now, so I’ll stop.

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Pug wrote a comment on March 14, 2004

*pats his bed, which is close to the ground*
“Good bed. Don’t get taller…”


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