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The long awaited tale

July 7, 2004 12:03 am

Since Carmen and Crunch have been waiting oh so patiently for me to get my act together….

I know corrections will be forthcoming – the following will be changed accordingly. Unless it’s funnier not to.

Tae was sitting by her self in the tavern of the inn she’d been staying at for the past few days. After the whole big mess with the Temple of Elemental Evil, everyone had felt the need for a little R&R or alone time or something like that. Carmen had wandered back into the wilds to look for her beloved Lurk, and had Odette tagging along, looking for a new owl. Similarly, Athena was doing her druid thing, and Crunch was fighting the Xill again. Something like that. And then there was Petra. Into mischief somewhere, no doubt.

So here was Tae at the Fox’s Tail Tavern – an establishment Carmen would have adored, no doubt. And sure, it was a reasonably clean, nice place. The atmosphere was cheerful, and there was a red-haired bard entertaining the patrons on the other side of the room. Sitting next to her is an old man with a tanned, weather-beaten look to him. He looks Tae over, saying “From the looks o’ ye, I’m betting ye could spin a tale more wonderous than that weaver o’ dreams over there. But I don’t reckon you’ve heard of Miralana.”

Tae had to admit that she hadn’t, and he told her that Miralana was the Queen of the Fey, a monarch renown for holding a gracious court and welcoming guests in need of her help. He hinted at a great number of tales about the feasts and balls she held and the great deeds performed by her knights. He went on to claim that he had heard that “Miralana herself has been looking for a healer such as yourself!”

Tae took the plot hook like a good PC, and the old man gave her directions and a map, which I’m sure was much better than my pathetic representation of it, since he had been a ranger for many years. She left a note for the innkeeper for her friends, and set off.

Oh – before leaving town, Tae rented a horse called Arpha – the economy model, naturally.

On the road, she was attacked by bandits, but she found that they were already being tracked by a half-drow wizard called Nadrak who was more than happy to help her fight them off. They chatted a good deal on the road, and the DM was half expecting Tae to want to start a civil rights movement for half-drow, but that’s another story. 😉

After coming to the ruins of a temple to Olidammara, and carefully going around it, Tae and Nadrak fought off a second band of bandits. In due time, they come to Miralana’s castle, at which point your narrator is going to pause for the night because she is exhausted from a gruelling day of playing Civilzation: the Boardgame with Graham, Ben, and Mother. We’re on the cusp of the Modern era, so we left it up for tomorrow morning. I’m doing pretty well at the moment, though Graham is sulking a bit because we were beating up on him…but he left some prime property wide open!! I just sailed right in – it’s not my fault his belligerent fleet let me through!

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Crunch wrote a comment on July 7, 2004

I thank ye for the appetizer. It has whet me apetite

Carmen wrote a comment on July 7, 2004

Whee! Thankee!

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