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This is far as it goes, folks

July 9, 2004 11:19 pm

I had a lovely evening with Elf and Pug tonight – went to see Spiderman 2, and greatly enjoyed it, despite my initial reticence. Woo! I’m interested to hear what our resident comic expert thought about it, now. But I guess that conversation will have to wait – my family is leaving in the morning for a two-week trip to New Mexico and back. We lived in Albuquerque for seven years when I was little, and haven’t been back since. Also, my grandfather lives in Las Cruces, so going to see him is a major incentive for making the trip. Etcetera. Tales when I return! We should be back the 23rd. Oooh, shoot – that reminds me. Tae, I hear you were hoping to get the group to go see Camelot, which is wonderful and I’m thrilled that Athena is involved (glee!!), but don’t get me a ticket because I already have one…the family is going. Wanted you to know!!!

With all that out of the way…here is part 3 of the current D&D campaign. This is as far as we’ve gone.

The following day, Tae and Petra were back on the road. The terrain was getting rockier and steeper until they came to a fortress set on a stony slope (yay synonyms!) The front door was huge, and while Petra could easily have gotten herself up to the knocker, they decided that the front entrance was perhaps not the wisest idea. They went around looking for windows, and the first one they found was indeed at ground level – it looked like a prison cell or a dungeon.

At this point, Nadrak rode up on his charger, Destrier (sp?? Give me a hand here, Pug), and the girls filled him in on everything. Petra quickly got over the facts that (A) Nadrak is a drow and (B) despite Tae’s inadvertant insinuations, he did not in fact seem gay. So then at THIS point, thost huge front doors swung open and out walks a twelve foot tall man with skin as black as coals and bright red hair. He demanded to know what they were doing on his front lawn, refused to believe that they were sightseers, learned that they were on a quest looking for missing knights, and invited them to lunch. The party accepted.

The giant, who introduced himself as Orgoglio, led them through a front hall covered in mirrors into a cavernous dining room with a long, heavy wooden table in front of a large roaring fire, a la some Gothic novel, or Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Lunch consisted of a large hunk of beef and berry juice a la Arsenic and Old Lace… (“For one gallon of elderberry wine…” heeheehee!!)

Ahem. Right, so the juice left Tae and Nadrak knocked out cold – Petra was wise and put nothing in her mouth. She was also wise enough to play along rather than take on a fire giant by herself, so she was concious as the three were picked up and carried down to the far reaches of the dungeon. After waiting a safe interval, she woke up her companions and they plotted about how to get out. Though it was a tough one, even for her, Petra picked the lock on the door. Upon peering out, they discovered that a group of Barbazu (a kind of devil) were waiting for them. The party dispatched them with the ease of much practice, especially after Nadrak temporarily turned himself into a Trumpet Archon, and Tae enlarged herself.

After finding a secret door and poking through a wee bit of the dungoen, the party decided that this was really not what they had planned to do today, and wanted out. Petra pulled out her handy portable hole, stuck it on the ceiling, and everyone climbed/levitated/spider-climbed up into a fairly nondescript room on the first floor, then repeated the process to get out a window.

Then the group quickly agreed that Orgoglio was a real jerk and ought to get what was coming to him, so they went back to the front door and knocked. The door was opened by a butler they had noticed the first time they came in. Nadrak quickly cast dominate person on him, wrenched out all the information he could about current situations, which I will not spill here – Nadrak has yet to explain it to Tae and Petra, and I wouldn’t want to do his job. He then asked the butler (think Jedi mind trick) to take them to his master.

The butler led them to a third floor room in one of the towers, where they found not a giant, but a tall, black-haired man among his papers and books. The butler introduced him as Archimago. Nadrak tried to pose as a messenger from Duessa, telling Archimago that Queen Mab was going to try to take over the country again, but Archimago spotted him right away for a fake. He polymorphed, becoming Orgoglio, and the battle ensued. To the party’s dismay, he grabbed a wooden charm just like the one Biff had, and teleported away.

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Pug wrote a comment on July 10, 2004


Bye, Katie!

Tae wrote a comment on July 10, 2004

I will chew your ear off upon your return. 😀
As for Camelot…hee, hee that completely slipped my mind. And Steph decided not to try out (the whole wedding/trying to find a place to live taking up a goodly amount of time dontcha know). But I’m still game if other are.

Carmen wrote a comment on July 20, 2004

So what happened next? Huh? Huh? =D

Pug wrote a comment on July 22, 2004

Miss you!

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