Vulcan’s Peak

The last tidbit from Albuquerque

August 4, 2004 12:05 am

Am I crazy, or can anyone else see the dinosaur here?


This is some other museum across from the Natural History Museum. But the mountains are the ones I grew up with. I remember that my third grade teacher had one of those globes with bumps where mountains are. When I learned we’d be moving, and I saw that this state had no mountains, I flipped out.

They make telling direction a lot easier, too. Mountains=east!

This is what I see.

A corythosaurus
(Yes, it’s the Carnagie Collection! A number of my dinosaur models are Carnagie, they’re good quality. I saw them sold in a couple of gift shops last month and was vaguely tempted. There are things you really don’t outgrow… Also was amused to see some of the same models that are sitting in my closet, particularly the parasaurolophus and the pachycephalosaurus. Yes, I said pachycephalosaurus.)

The bones

4 Responses to “The last tidbit from Albuquerque”

Pug wrote a comment on August 4, 2004

I want to see mountains again, mountains, Gandalf. And then find somewhere quiet, where I can finish my book.

Not crazy, but that outline is awesome. Was that pointed out to you or did you, as I expect, see that when you were little Katie?

Jen wrote a comment on August 4, 2004

I was mad when I moved from Tennessee and found out that Carl, GA (and large surrounding area) has no mountains. Remember where the water tower is near my house? That’s the highest point in the whole county!! Big switch from living on a mountain ridge…

I’m off to explore more landscapes! See you in a few months!!

Odette wrote a comment on August 4, 2004

Nope, I found the dinosaur in the mountains all by my self. And I LOVE that particular Bilbo-quote – definately a sentiment I can echo.

Bon voyage, Poke!! Can’t wait to hear all about life in the Netherlands! You can be our foreign correspondent!    😉

Elf wrote a comment on August 23, 2004

*looks around for an update on campaign, or anything else for that matter*

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