Vulcan’s Peak


December 8, 2004 12:04 am

Those of you who follow Enterprise know that there have been several episodes that have had a lot to do with Vulcan and Vulcans lately. And I know all of you can guess how I feel about that.

*puts on a good Vulcan expression to resist bouncing gleefully*

Anyway, I was most amused to see what has put together for the occaision: The Vulcan Files

And I was more amused to find this tidbit in the transcript of a chat with Leonard Nimoy from last March:

Q: Mr. Nimoy, was it hard to learn to lift one eyebrow in that manner?

LN: It came very naturally. It wasn’t something I set out or planned to do. It was something that I did as a natural reaction to something DeForest Kelley said to me one day.

So no, he didn’t practice in front of a mirror either.

3 Responses to “Fascinating”

Pug wrote a comment on December 8, 2004

Hurrah! Maybe sometime I’ll actually see those episodes!! 🙂

pug wrote a comment on December 10, 2004

hello from Hastings!

Odette wrote a comment on December 10, 2004

Hey, it’s Pug! Hi Pug!!

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