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Here’s one for the memories

December 11, 2004 12:20 pm

Spent the last two evenings at the Choctaw Christmas Concert to support the big little brother. All went very well – Jackie has some nice soloists this year and all the musicians sounded great. All those songs are such old friends – and who knows what the concert will be like next year with a new choral director. However, I suspect that the Madrigals will introduce him/her to Fruitcake, like it or not, so that’s all right. What’s Christmas without Fruitcake??

I was thinking about it last night, and realized that I haven’t been to one of Graham’s concerts since I graduated – they all happened before I got home for Christmas/for the summer. So it’s been since he was a sixth grader – I was proud to see he’s learned how to open his mouth since then. Well, actually, I was just proud.

It’s always odd to go back to Choctaw – a lot of memories tied up in that old auditorium. I had my first middle school concert there (which is a story or two in itself). All the high school concerts, all the solos, all the Fruitcakes. Playing for Miss CHS – and doing the spot. Watching my friends in all the school plays – and let’s think of the good ones like Is there a Comic in the House? Sitting through senior honors night three years in a row because Mads had to sing for it. Not to mention all the stupid assemblies over the years. But let’s stick with the good memories. There are plenty. Also realized that I first saw Choctaw’s Christmas concert ten years ago when my fifth grade class was one of the school groups who went to see it during the day as a field trip. (I was on the other side of that in 10th or 11th grade; we didn’t do it every year. ) I remember that the guard girls who play toy soldiers while the band plays Babes in Toyland struck a particular chord with me that year – that was my first year as a Nutcracker soldier.

School spirit is an odd creature. In a lot of ways, I don’t give a flip about Choctaw and I still can’t think about the words to the alma mater without at least rolling my eyes (“…and for her, our alma mater, we will fiiiiight aaaand diiiiiiiee…” Totally not kidding.). But the place has aspects of which I am very proud to have been a part of. One of those is IB, of course. Its music program is another.

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Crunch wrote a comment on December 11, 2004

Ahhh, Comic in the House…. Where I walk onstage with my pants down. Classic comedy. No wonder you remember it fondly.

Carmen wrote a comment on December 12, 2004


Odette wrote a comment on December 12, 2004

Yeah, since I can’t resist you in boxers with hearts on them… *gags*

And I might add that you really fell onstage rather than walked. But that would be splitting hairs.

You have no shame, Crunch. No shame at all.

You did make an awfully good Ichabod Crane, though. No comments on the general quality of the play however. May a certain “drama teacher” one day find his true calling…’cause teaching drama sure ain’t it.

Tae wrote a comment on December 12, 2004

Got alotta memories wrapped up in that auditorum too. Some good, some bad, but they happened and they stick with me.
(And Stephen, there were other scenes in “Comic” btw, I was in quite a few of them :P)
I remember the final night of “The Three Musketeers” just taking a moment to remember all the old ghosts. Scott knew what I was thinking (he and myself were the only remaining ‘orginial’ Thespian freshmen).

Odette wrote a comment on December 13, 2004

Shatzi rocked. I’m probably misspelling her name and for that I apologize, but she rocked.

I was flipping through yearbooks this evening too – found a lot of faces I hadn’t thought about in a long time.

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