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Wealhtheow and Company

January 25, 2005 11:24 pm

The fun has begun. For loss of any really brilliant ideas, I’ve settled down to work on my seminar paper with “something about the women in Beowulf” as my working title. I hope to have something more concrete by Friday or so, and I’m going to be writing my little brain out this weekend. Which will NOT interfere with a certain birthday, because I said so.

I think I need this sticker for my still-hypothetical car, don’t you? Credit goes to Pug for finding it. The other way to a girl’s heart is through her funny bone. Or her brain. But chocolate still gets the first spot.

Quote of the day:
“If you move in with him, can I rent your room out?”
“Katie, please don’t turn the apartment into a brothel…”

In other news, the best friend is again bubbling about future houses, children, and engagement rings. All is right with the world.

3 Responses to “Wealhtheow and Company”

Pug wrote a comment on January 26, 2005


ColdAmaranth wrote a comment on January 26, 2005

I still don’t know why I’m not terrified 😛
Love the sticker, I should get that and a few others for my gaming notebook.

Carmen wrote a comment on January 26, 2005

Great sticker. I’ve also seen it as a shirt! >D

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