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March 11, 2005 5:02 pm

Spring term is off with a bang. It seems like it’s been much more than a week since we came back! I woke up this morning thinking “Hmm, Friday. How do Fridays go again? Oh yeah…I haven’t HAD one yet this term.” Geesh.

I’m taking 17th century lit, the follow-up to the 16th century course I took a year ago, so I expect it to be fun. I also have an astronomy class for my last required science (yay stars, I hope!) and an interdisciplinary course exploring the history and philosophy of the liberal arts. It’s team-taught by a neat group of people (three of the four are profs I’ve had before), and it’s a small class (about 15 of us), so I hope it will be interesting, too!!

I’m also doing some behind the scenes work for Pauper Players’ show, Ragtime – props, web design (comments welcome!! And yes, if you look hard enough, there are pictures of me in there.), and putting together a program for before the show that will briefly explore some important issues of the time that are important to the play.

Follow up:
I won’t be in Atlanta this summer.
And I did re-read Leroux’s original Phantom and quite liked it this time. All a matter of expectations! Would recommend it.

Oh – I knew there was a reason I’d meant to update a long time ago… A few gems from a very giggly evening at the end of spring break:

“That came close to making sense. You should work on that.”
-Elf to Pug

“I’m going to speak Klingon now, and then it’ll make sense when you don’t understand it.”

“I don’t want King Arthur to come back”
-Elf, seemingly out of the blue.

“You don’t like Katie, do you?”
     Â“Well, she threw herself at me!”
-Pug and Elf, during a game in which pieces landing on the same space must challenge each other…or something.

Had anyone been recording us, they would have sworn we were drunk. No alcohol was involved, however, and only minimal caffeine. Whoever knew Clue was so rife with innuendos?! I’ll never look at those weapons the same way again…

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Carmen wrote a comment on March 11, 2005


Pug wrote a comment on March 12, 2005

Re: Website-
1. The site links to a stylesheet located at “file:///G|/css.css” — please note that the rest of the world can’t reach it. 😉
2. On the front page, putting each play title in a different color looks kinda tacky. Just make them all italic and maybe a different color, but the same for all’ofem.
3. Furman’s web server seems to *suck*, as it at present won’t load your web page very often, it keeps giving IIS and Java errors. I suppose that’s typical for IIS though…
4. I like the layout and the graphic.

So, what’s going on in your astronomy course right now if not stars? And what sorts of things are relevant to the history/philosophy of liberal arts?

Pug wrote a comment on March 12, 2005

Okay, the furman web server is working again, so more comments:

5. The “contact us” page would have been one of the last places I looked for ticket prices, but luckily the site’s only 5 pages long… 😉
6. The graphic for the non-home pages should be, in an optimal world, split into 3 graphics so that the center logo text does not have to be re-loaded every time. That’s nitpicky, just keep it in mind for the future (graphics reuse).
7. There are HTML errors in various spots which you can catch with a validator, again, nitpicky.

🙂 Keep up the good work!

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