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All Oi Want…

April 28, 2005 4:56 pm

All together now! (with the proper Cockney accent, of course)
All Oi want is a room somewhere,
Far away from the cold noight air…

No, actually, all I want is a little certainty… Today has been an improvement in that I (after some stress yesterday) do have classes for next fall (contemporary American writers, grammar, and writing poetry). Still waiting for the music department to add me into voice lessons, though, but that’s the music department for you. I don’t think the secretary over there likes me either, but that’s okay, because I don’t really care for her…one of those people you just gotta deal with.

The big issue is still where I’m going to be in the summer. I’m still waiting on the one in New Orleans, but their deadline only passed two weeks ago tomorrow, so I suppose I’ll wait before I bug them. The New Hampshire one had no such good excuse, so I dropped my contact there an e-mail yesterday. And did get a reply today, so that was good. Still sounding like a definate possibility, though I’m not sure how I feel about being stuck in New Hampshire all summer. Well, maybe not stuck. Boston looks pretty close, there might be neat stuff going on in Boston. But certainly not dropping in at home for the weekend, the way I could from New Orleans. On the other hand, there is someone in the company up there offering to board an intern (i.e., me) for free. A very generous offer, and assuming this person doesn’t have indoor cats (dogs might be livable, provided it stays out of my bedroom), definately a point in favor of NH. Especially since both positions are unpaid internships. Whoo. So for the moment, we continue the balancing act and pretend that we know something.

The other thing that’s bugging me is this research paper I have to write for my humanities class….I need a thesis by next Tuesday and I currently am floundering in waves of cluelessness. Whee. There’s my weekend – in the library.


Oh, I suppose I did promise you answers to a few teasers in my last post:

What the immigrants’ ID cards really say
Well, they needed to have some text on them, but there was no way the text would be read-able from the stage, so we definately had way too much fun making cards for everyone from Arwen Undomiel to Karl Marx.

How we transported the immigrants’ bundles out of my third floor apartment
Tossed ’em off the balcony, of course. That much fabric gets heavy! The people on the second floor thought we were nuts, which was really funny.

The T-shirt story
Not nearly as funny as the first two. There was a considerable amount of drama over the fact that the company making our shirts messed them up twice. The second time no one even noticed until most of the shirts were handed out. The back of the shirt said “Giving the nation a new syncopation…” then a picture of an old timey piano, then at the bottom, “The people called it Ragtime!” Only it was misprinted “Ragtme” and given the font and being in all caps, it was hard to notice. But certain people insisted on reprinting the shirts anyway. So I don’t have a “Ragtme” shirt anymore.

The *@$! parasols
Oy. We rented most of our set and props from the regional tour of the show – execpt I think it’s not touring anymore, so this stuff just sits in a warehouse and gets rented out to people like us. So among all this stuff we get 5 parasols. Great – we need exactly 5 parasols. Of those, one was not broken. I quickly became Parasol Fixer…and two of them needed fixing after practically every show and dress rehearsal. Earlier solutions involved florists wire, then hot glue, and final solutions (that WORKED) used duct tape, disguised with white gaff tape to be less apparent from stage. I was very glad to put those things back in their box and send them away!

Overall though, the show was awesome and I loved working on it. You know me…ya can’t keep me out of the theater for TOO long! One way or another, I get back on that stage.

4 Responses to “All Oi Want…”

Elf wrote a comment on April 28, 2005

Duct tape is the answer to everything.

Don’t work for free. Unless you’re getting reimbursed in non-monetary units.

Food, for example. Will work for food. That’s my motto. Though mine’s likely less generic. Will work for certain foods, that you probably don’t have.

Or even better, will work for room and board. Then you get a bed *and* food.

Pug wrote a comment on April 28, 2005

Their point is that Katie would be paid in experience points. It’s harsh though, paying to work.

Still, I really hope you get your choice of NH/New Orleans. 🙂 And here’s hoping you get to make a choice soon and get the uncertainty out of the way!

Carmen wrote a comment on April 28, 2005

Better yet, work for *board*. Like a greatclub! Or a spiked club for the extra damage. Then you could ensure that no one ever gives you trouble, and it’d improve the disposition of the music deptartment secretary. =D

Odette wrote a comment on April 29, 2005

Tee hee! Thanks, guys! Though apparently, the lady has three cats, so there goes that one..

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