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Trauma, excitement, and Vader

June 1, 2005 10:45 pm

And in less than a week! Holy cow!

First order of business: Yes, I drive a box! The amusing part is that, despite the fact that it was made with my generation in mind, it was my grandfather who bought it for himself last year! Since then, the decision has been made that he really shouldn’t be driving any more, so through a marvelous stroke of good luck on my end, the Scion came to me! Mother drove it here from Las Cruces last weekend. Whee!

Next: I found a place to live in New Hampshire! Again!! The first place fell through due to uncontrollable circumstances, nobody’s fault – a mother-in-law needed to come live with her kids, so there wasn’t room for me after all. I found this out when I got home last weekend. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Extremely frustrating, but after MUCH ado, a phone call I made this afternoon paid off – I will be living at a different B&B, but this time (after the first week, at least) I will have my own suite/apartment type area – private entrance, small kitchen, etc. I will be paying rent, and whatever I end up doing around the place will be taken out of that, which works. I leave Friday. Tomorrow is packing day.

Other: All final exams, presentations, and that darn monster paper are finally over. I managed to give two presentations – and hardly tripped over my tongue at all! I just checked grades online and two of the three are actually in already and are thoroughly satisfactory. The third one was the aformentioned monstrosity of a paper, we’ll see how that goes. I’m not worried. Or I don’t care – hard to tell which tonight.

Aaaaand Vader. I finally got to join the rest of the world (my family doesn’t count; we are cinema-challenged and that’s okay) who have seen Episode III. Pug and I went this afternoon. I recommend the nitpicking of Carmen & Co.. Enjoyable for what it was, though you have to go into it knowing that Lucas is not physically capable of writing romance besides “I love you.” “I know.” (This is not to disparage the Han & Leia style of romance – far from it. This is to slam silly-sounding romance scenes with lines like “I’m haunted by the kiss you should never have given me.” GAH.) I was also less that satisfied with the big climactic battle over the lava pit (or rather, lava planet. Definately no volcano.) – Pug hit the nail on the head when he called it forced. Honestly, if anything, it really made me want to watch the old trilogy. Sadly, no time for that before leaving for points north. So somebody go watch it for me!

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Tae wrote a comment on June 2, 2005

Actually you can’t even give that line to Lucas either. It was Harrison Ford who came up with it- originally the lines went- “I love you.”/”I love you, too.” but Harrison didn’t think that was very IC for Han. So the director (also not Lucas) let him experience. And that’s the story of one the more famous (among geeks anyway ;)) Love Scenes. ;P

Pug wrote a comment on June 2, 2005

Yeah, Lucas never has forgiven Irvin Kershner for doing a better job than him.

Here at my place we’re all very happy to hear about your new place to live! You’ll have to tell me the name of the place. 😉

Hurray, lady, hurray! 🙂

Odette wrote a comment on June 2, 2005

Ha! I didn’t know that tale! So basically Lucas needs a co-writer.

Pug wrote a comment on June 2, 2005

Kershner was the director for Empire Strikes Back, not co-writer. 😉

He has had co-writers/editors for Episodes 2 and 3 after the tragedy of 1 but as far as I can tell, those editors must be “yes-men.” How else would the romance scenes have stayed as they are?

Pug wrote a comment on June 2, 2005

Oh, and the landlady is the president of the local Historical Society. Should be curious. 🙂

Odette wrote a comment on June 2, 2005

Re: Lucas
Didn’t mean to imply that I thought Kershner was a co-writer (though to be honest, you’re right, I didn’t know what his position was), only that Lucas needed one in general. Though clearly I should have been more specific – he needed a co-writer who could (a) write good dialogue, espeically the romance scenes, and (b) stand up to Lucas.    😉

Re: the car.

Took my bigger little brother for a ride today – he told me it reminded him of a shuttlepod.    😀

What a good boy he is.

Pug wrote a comment on June 2, 2005

Re: Shuttlepod:
Indeed. 🙂 *hug*

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