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Dogs, optimists, and FDR

June 27, 2005 12:25 pm

Last week, I spent a couple of days writing the text for the cover flaps of the last five of the Civil War books, which was neat. An exercise in condensing information and following a pattern! Then spent a couple of days writing captions for an issue on Thomas Edison. We started by sorting through the pictures – we were able to get loads from the National Edison Historic Site, and unusual surplus, apparently! There was even one group shot that – to our surprise – included a young and dapper-looking FDR! Turned out to be the Navy Consulting Board, which Edison headed for a while during WWI – which explain’s Roosevelt’s presence as he was Secretary of the Navy at the time. I’m now writing more captions – this time for an issue on Techno Theater, which has some neat stuff in it on CG-characters like Gollum and Yoda (in the 2 most recent movies) as well as 3-D movies and holography and good movies (debatable) that use baaaad science. The more science-minded of you might enjoy checking out some Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics

I didn’t wander too far away this weekend – Anne was gone for the weekend, leaving me to sit for the dogs, which was fine. Frieda spent Saturday acting like a child for whom the babysitter is really not good enough, but was more friendly on Sunday. Silly little yappy dog. She’s sweet, though. The bigger dogs are much calmer, though Bronson tends to be a bit unsteady on his legs in his old age.

I did go into town Saturday afternoon, though, with thoughts of going further and maybe hiking a bit, but it was so hot that the thought was not very appealing. Instead, I discovered the local library (not a word from the peanut gallery, thank YOU!) and spent a couple of hours enjoying the cool. I also discovered a fairly extensive natural food store which to my glee does carry my ice cream! (My convenient grocery store seems not to, though it does have soy milk.)

Sunday morning found me back in town – there is a Unitarian church and while there are a whole row of churches around the corner, THE big church on Main Street, the one that chimes the hour so the whole town can hear…is the Unitarian church. I get a great kick out of this. So I thought I was going to church, but as it turns out, they only hold services from Labor Day through Father’s Day (last week! Ooops!). During the summer, they host a lecture series on art, politics, or whatever, supported by the church, but the speakers are not necessarily affiliated with it. So I turned out to be at the first of these, but that was neat anyway. The speaker is the CEO of Stoneyfield, which makes organic yoghurt and is located up in this part of the country. He had a lot to say about his personal success story with Stoneyfield (it is apparently the #3 yoghurt manufacturer in the nation and is rapidly gaining on #2, Yoplait), linking it directly to their good environmental practices, which are apparently quite economic. Gist was that big buisness will see how evective this is, will adopt these practices, and this will make everyone healthier, improve the environment, and save the world. Very optimistic – as he acknowledged – but interesting. From what I’ve seen and heard in general, this is a very liberal, and very green area! Except for the persistence of “Vote for Kerry” stickers here and there, I like that.

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