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Back the Bid!

July 6, 2005 8:05 am

London 2012!

That’s right, folks, all the banners and bus advertisments (that’s ad-VERT-iss-ments if you please) paid off – the 2012 Olympics are going to London! Hurrah for fish and chips, beefeaters, and doubledecker buses!

(psst to Poke – the art museum we visited (the National Gallery) is the building in the background of that picture in the article)

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Pug wrote a comment on July 6, 2005

Chris and I wearing London 2012 flags Samurai-style at Wimbledon must have done it. 😉

Odette wrote a comment on July 7, 2005

But of course.

Sobering news from London this morning, sadly. Condolances to the families of the people who were killed and injured in the London terrorist bombing this morning.

Clearly, I need to stop travelling. The hotel where I lived for five weeks last fall was right between Russel Square and Tavistock Square – look at the map I linked to above. And some of you will remember that I was at a hotel in the shadow of the World Trade Center about a year and a half before 9/11. Don’t take me too seriously…but yet, it’s a bit eerie. Just to have been right there not that long ago.

And Russel Square is such a peaceful, SAFE-feeling part of London… God help us all.

Jen wrote a comment on July 7, 2005
Odette wrote a comment on July 7, 2005

Missed a quote mark, apparently. My above link does work now – thank you, Jen for covering my back. That’s what I get for posting in a hurry…

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