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July 15, 2005 12:41 pm

I love the variety I get here. Yesterday it was Ellis Island immigrants, the day before it was Bolivia or Reconstruction, and the morning it has been Native American houses. Just works out that way, since I’m always working on this or that for several different editors, and each has several different issues going at once.

I’ve been wanting to introduce you to some of the personalities that make it interesting around here, but I always fret about using people’s names and whether they would want a name used or whether someone could use their identities to figure out mine (which they probably could anyway), so I’m sidestepping all that and making up pseudonyms as I go.

I like working with Ellen – she’s sweet and can always find something for me to do – and is charmingly unorganized. She’s the sort of person who might clearly think she handed you a stack of articles, but they’re just as clearly still sitting on her desk… She’s fun, though. I really like working with Amy too, who is very efficient and keeps an eye out for me. We had a design meeting for the Edison issue recently, which was a fun one for me because I had helped her sort out the photos and written the captions, so I was more familiar with the material that I have been at other design meetings. Pete seems perpetually stressed over these Civil War books, I sometimes feel sorry for him. He’s very friendly, though, and will strike up conversations on totally non-work-related subjects, which I (never much good at making small talk) appreciate. At any rate, the books are looking really nice – the first pass of book seven, ‘Jefferson Davis’ is sitting on my desk at the moment for proofreading. I’ve seen the design for it’s cover – with my text on the flap – I am STILL tickled pink over those. The article I mentioned a few posts back died an unmourned death, but it’s not a loss.

In a more physical sense, I keep spending my weekends rambling around the region. Small towns, fun little downtown areas, cute shops (and weird ones), lots of hills and trees and pleasant weather (I thumb my nose at Florida!). Last weekend was Amherst, where I visited the house of Emily Dickenson, which was very nice. The organization that runs it also owns the house next door, where her brother and sister-in-law lived, which is fascinating because it has never been redecorated since the last time Mrs. Dickenson did it in the 1880’s! Same flooring, same wallpaper (now peeling off the walls of course), everything. They’ve only had the house for a couple of years and are still working out how to go about preserving and restoring it.

This weekend I’m planning to go check out the New Hampshire coast and find another kind of beach. And next weekend, I have a visitor! Pug is coming on Wednesday!!

5 Responses to “Ramblings”

Crunch wrote a comment on July 15, 2005

eeeeeewwwwwwww….New England beaches.

Elf wrote a comment on July 16, 2005

New England has no beaches, simply shorelines.

Ellen sounds like Liz. (Who lost something one time and looked everywhere for it, only to find that it was in the first place she had looked and had missed it. … I remember the weirdest things, but never the details.)

Glad to hear your having fun. Have you picked up any guys?

Carmen wrote a comment on July 17, 2005

Better yet, have you picked them up and tossed them?

Pug wrote a comment on July 18, 2005

*looks scared*

Odette wrote a comment on July 18, 2005

Elf: Yes, but he’s a dog. Literally. Poor ol’ Bronson has problems with those leg things.

Carmen: *chortles* Nice one. But no.

*hugs for all!*

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