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Home again, home again!

August 24, 2005 2:24 pm


The drive down was largely uneventful, with some interesting stops. More on those later.

I’m trying to catch up on everyone else’s blog at the moment. Found Elf’s collection of “You Know You’re From XXX When…” and since she’s already posted Florida, I thought I’d check out what they have to say about two states that I almost might know something about. Here are the highlights.

first, a blast from the past – my childhood home

You buy salsa by the gallon.
Exaggeration, but we’ll ignore that.

Your favorite restaurant has a chile list instead of a wine list.

Your Christmas decorations include “a yard of sand and 200 paper bags”.
Heck yeah! And they’re called ‘luminaria’ – not ‘luminaries’. Silly Southerners.

Most restaurants you go to begin with “El” or “Los”.
The ones worth going to, at least.

You think six tons of crushed rock makes a beautiful front lawn.
Better yet, it needs no mowing.

All your out-of-state friends and relatives visit in October.
Balloon fiesta!!!

You know whether you want “red or green.”
This is the state question. It refers to chiles. Sort of asking around here whether you want your ice tea sweetened or unsweetened.

You can correctly pronounce Tesuque, Cerrillos, and Pojoaque.
And the Rio Grande is not the Rio Grand.

You have been told by at least one out-of-state vendor that they are going to charge you extra for “international” shipping.
When I first moved to Florida, kids asked me if I spoke Spanish. NEW Mexico, please!

You can order your Big Mac with green chile.
Heck yeah

You associate bridges with mud, not water.
I remember first seeing the Rio Grande from a bridge high over a canyon with the river at the bottom. It had been particularly dry , so the river was only a thin brown line. I was very confused – that’s not what a river was supposed to look like! I was probably five or six.

Tumbleweeds and various cacti in your yard are not weeds. They are your lawn.
It’s what you put in your rock garden, of course.

A package of white flour tortillas is the exact same thing as a loaf of bread. You don’t need to write it on your shopping list; it’s a given.
Tortillas are a very good thing to have around and do not imply that one is planning to make burritos. This has occaisionally confused some of my college friends.

You know what I did last summer

You drive a Suburu
They’re serious. I haven’t used the word “Subaru” so often since my parents owned one…and that was before my youngest brother was born.

You rather vacation in New Zealand than Florida.
Can you blame them? At least in the summer. Why anyone would vacation in Florida in the summer is really beyond me. Snowbirds I understand, but summer is just beastly.

You can identify a Massachusetts accent.
I can.

You can recognize someone from Massachusetts from their driving.
I can do that too. Something strange happens when you cross the state line from NH to Mass.

You can visit Berlin, New London, Bethlehem, Lisbon, Lebanon and Dublin all in one afternoon.
Except for the occaisional Indian names, this is not a part of the world notable for having original place-names. Better yet, most town names are repeated in each state…which is a problem when your states are so small! NH and Mass. are both home to towns named Concord, Salem, and Amherst, to name a few.

Down South to you means Boston.
Ha. I spent the summer trying not to smirk when anyone complained of the heat or the humidity. Granted, they would have had reason to make twice as much fun of me, were I there in the winter…

You consider Manchester exotic.
I don’t buy this one. Boston’s too close for this to be true.

You know what a bubbler is.
Yes! I’d been wondering all summer exactly how local that expression is. It’s a water cooler, guys… I think “bubbler” can also be used to refer to a drinking fountain.

I looked at South Carolina’s list, too, but I didn’t think they were that funny… I was told this summer that I really don’t belong in the South. And though there are certainly people and places here that I love, they’re right. I really have very few cultural ties to this part of the country.

You are Agonistic

You’re not sure if God exists, and you don’t care.
For you, there’s no true way to figure out the divine.
You’d rather focus on what you can control – your own life.
And you tend to resent when others “sell” religion to you.

For a quiz with fewer questions than I have fingers, it got me right on the money.

7 Responses to “Home again, home again!”

Pug wrote a comment on August 24, 2005

Yay! Back to the bloggings!

What’s the difference between red and green chiles?

Odette wrote a comment on August 24, 2005

Green is more mild, I believe.

Poke wrote a comment on August 25, 2005

It said I was a believer…? *confused* Maybe I just don’t know it yet. Then again, none of the options were really what I thought. But at least NOW I KNOW I believe in something – and everyone else should, too! *evil grin*

Welcome home!!

Odette wrote a comment on August 25, 2005

Thank you!

Just believe in yourself. You at least know you exist, right? 😉

Poke wrote a comment on August 26, 2005

I…I exist? Wow…that is SO profound and just…amazing. You are wise, Odette…

Odette wrote a comment on August 26, 2005

*snortchuckle* Pass me the knife – anyone want a slice of sarcasm?    😉

Pug wrote a comment on August 27, 2005

Cake for me, thanks…

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