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My life as an English nerd, Part 2

November 2, 2005 9:33 pm

If you are a college student, have been a college student, have ever thought about being a college student, or live within a five hundred mile radius of a college, you need to read this:

Dave Barry on College

3 Responses to “My life as an English nerd, Part 2”

Jen wrote a comment on November 3, 2005

And then there’s history where you learn lots of facts but everyone disagrees over what the facts REALLY mean and if the facts are valid and what the person who wrote the facts meant and how that was influenced by the person who told him the facts and how they were really all creations of their environment…or their environment was their creation or if they tried to control the environment or if they viewed the environment as a commodity or a resource and whether they promoted conservation, protection, or “building with the environment.” And all of the sentences will be long and confusing – if you’re lucky, you’ll get a verb (yes, I’m serious. I’m a history major – I should have been an English major. I’m better at making up stories and I’m bad at remembering dates).

Tae wrote a comment on November 3, 2005

*snicker* Try being an art major, where you learn lots of things that will never help put food on the table, nor get you a job.

Jen wrote a comment on November 3, 2005

My sister was an art major – hence why I’m a history major. Well, for that reason and to avoid ever having to take a math course in college.

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