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January 18, 2006 6:01 pm

I had an amusing phone call this evening.

Actually, lets start with the brochure I recieved a week or two ago. It was a bit frustrating at the time because here was an ad for a grad program, just when I’d made my decisions, sent off my applications, and thought I knew where I was going, for the next few years, at least. And here’s this Mary Baldwin College thing, but it looked intriguing, so I browsed through the brochure. Basically, they try to combine the study of Renaissance lit and drama with the performance of the same. And me being the Shakespeare-dweeb that I am, that sounded like my kind of nerdiness. But it also sounded like a lot of money to play for a couple of years and then go be an actor (not likely), a director (less likely), or a teacher/professor. Now the last is perfectly possible: my dad has made the comment that he could see me as an academic someday and so could I, but it’s not where I think I want to go right now – I’m getting tired of academic research; the idea of a life of academic research is not so appealing just now. So I ditched the brochure. ‘Cause I know what I’m doing! I’m going to go be an editor. Right?

Anyway, a Mary Baldwin student working at the graduate admissions office gave me a friendly phone call this evening. At first, I was inclined to get rid of him, but he was polite and I wasn’t in the middle of anything, and the program had looked like my kind of nerdiness, so I let him talk.

There’s something about leading a phone conversation that you have no stake in and are in complete control over that is innately fun. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t mean or manipulative, I merely exercised some leading questions (“And how did YOU come to be at Mary Baldwin?” Sometimes people have interesting stories. He did – he tried to make it as an actor in NYC). And sure, if I’m not accepted to Emerson or Rosemont, maybe I would consider this thing. Or maybe not. He gave me the admission office’s phone number but I didn’t write it down. I could find it if I wanted it. ‘Cause right now, I still think I know what I’m doing. But maybe when I have my midlife crisis, I’ll go back and get my PhD and be an academic.

6 Responses to “Musings in future tense”

Pug wrote a comment on January 18, 2006

When are you planning on having a midlife crisis? I’m thinking 2019 for me.

Tae wrote a comment on January 20, 2006

And how much like Maggie are you planning to be anyways? 😉

Odette wrote a comment on January 20, 2006

Maggie is hyberpole. I don’t plan on ever doing more than one PhD. If that. Promise. 😉

Jessica wrote a comment on January 22, 2006

Hi! I just randomly found your blog while searching about Emerson. I noticed that you’re applying to both Emerson and Rosemont (schools I’m applying to as well). Are you interested in the publishing and writing programs? Good luck with the apps — it’s a long, tedious process!

Odette wrote a comment on January 23, 2006

Hi, Jessica!

Wow, I’m impressed that you found your way here just from that! And yes, it is indeed the publishing & writing programs I applied for. Not exactly sure what area of publishing I want to go into yet, though.

Have you had a chance to visit either school? I haven’t yet, but I’d love to hear any perspectives you may have!  Are there any other programs you’re looking at?

Jessica wrote a comment on January 23, 2006

I’m actually looking at both Rosemont and Emerson’s publishing and writing programs, as well as the creative writing and journalism programs at both Texas Tech University and the Univeristy of North Texas (my background is in journalism, but I’m interested in book editing for my master’s). I’m on pins and needles waiting for Emerson’s response. Im not sure how well my writing samples will do — I sent in journalism-type works…the lady in admissions said those would be fine. I’m just not sure if they show the bulk of my creativity, but since we can’t use fiction work, those were the most polished writings I had.

I’m not too worried about Rosemont. The lady in admissions sounded really optimistic — I find it weird, though, that they don’t look at GRE scores. Since it’s a small school, I can’t find too much info about them. Do you know if they are really legit?

I’m also interested in the Pace University publishing program in NYC, but I’m not sure if I feel up to the hassle of doing another one of these applications.

As for visiting the schools, I haven’t as of yet, but if I get into Emerson and/or Rosemont, I plan to go up there probably over spring break. I’m waiting to see if I get in. Since I live in Texas, it’s kind of a long ways to travel unless it’s a serious prospect.

I’ve pretty much written a novel here (It’s just so interesting to see that someone else is applying to the same programs.)

Let me know how everything goes and good luck with your applications. Feel free to contact me anytime at

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