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As long as I remember the password, I’m still in business

February 15, 2006 6:38 pm

Good grief, it HAS been forever since I posted! No wonder all of you are mad at me! In the interest of putting off the reading I should do for history of Africa and the essay I should be writing for German, here goes. (Hell, last on the agenda was laundry and next may be making brownies. And I wanted to be in bed around midnight?)

I had a wonderful weekend with the CSC at the beginning of the month – how fun to all (almost all) be in the same place again!

I got an acceptance letter this week! Rosemont will have me. Slight confusion about opening the letter and having the actual letter saying “you’re accepted” stuck to the inside, so all Mother pulled out when she was on the phone with me were the sheets for “Intent to Enroll” and such. Dad solved the mystery later, fortunately! Then slight confusion regarding the date by which they want to hear back from me – written in as 2/24/06. Eeep!! I have no guarantee of hearing from Emerson by then, not to mention the fact that I’m one of the most indecisive people on the planet. So I called them this afternoon and the woman I spoke to said the date was flexible and made a note on my file to not expect my reply until late March. So! Here we go again. I may have to find a way to visit these places soon-ish…

In more local news, I’ve put my head in the noose and agreed to be a contestant in the annual Poetry Slam that our English Honor Society puts on. I put my name in a couple months ago when the list was three people long and the organizing committee was desperate for people. Now the event is tomorrow evening, and I’m a little nervous. The structure is that there are about a dozen of us competing with a handful of audience judges. In the first two rounds, we read a previously composed poem, with a few contestants eliminated after each round. The last few who make it to the third round have five minutes to compose a poem on a topic chosen by the audience. We shall see. I will have to post the poems I plan to read tonight – one of them some of you have seen already, the other is newer.

Beyond that, there’s the usual sources of busyness. Tests and papers, books to read, German movies to watch, lots of video projects at work, trying to get recommendations for a scholarship application, trying to find time to write the application, planning a bridal shower, convincing self that my stuff is decent enough to read for an audience tomorrow night, plus a sprinkle of trying to track down people who won’t return e-mails: nothing new under the sun. And yet, there’s always something new. And then WHY do I let myself get ensnared in another Lord Peter novel? Save it two weeks for spring break! says Common Sense. Just peek at the first chapter as an incentive, murmers Temptation. Madness ensues.

6 Responses to “As long as I remember the password, I’m still in business”

Carmen wrote a comment on February 15, 2006

Pssh! Katie’s stuff is better than anything anyone else will read. I said so. So there.

You’re doing all kinds of stuff I never get to hear about besides here. I depend on this blog for up-to-the-minute news on Katie-doings and Greenville-happenings! Yay for updates!!

Show us da poems!

Odette wrote a comment on February 15, 2006

Thanks for the ego boost, hon. (Knew I kept you around for something!)

I promise to try to be more reliable about updates from now on.

….yeah, see how long that lasts.

Pug wrote a comment on February 15, 2006

* Congratulations on your Rosemont acceptance!
* That sounds awesome re: the poetry slam. I wish I could watch! You’ll have to tell us all how it goes soon. 🙂 And yes, your stuff is definitely of a high enough caliber to deserve public performance – hell, I’ve publicly performed some of my crap! 🙂
* So, what kind of scholarship is this one?

Tae wrote a comment on February 15, 2006

And we finally here back from the Lady herself. Break a leg in the contest hon- and hey, think of it this way, you have at least a little of an edge over (probably) some of the others- you’ve performed onstage and know emphasis. 😉
Also, you can never be more indecisive than Gremlin, there is hope. 😛
Share the poems!!

Elf wrote a comment on February 16, 2006

Yay for updateness.

If one is not indecisive, one obviously has not fully considered all the options available. I’d rather be slow to make a decision than completely fuck my choice up. =P

Poetry thing sounds scary as hell. Have fun. Try not to mind-blank. >=)

Odette wrote a comment on February 16, 2006

Re: Elf’s comment on indecisiveness: Totally agree.

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