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Ladies and gents, get your slingshots ready…

March 27, 2006 6:50 pm

…’cause I’m leaving myself wide open on this one.

We turned in our first stories for my fiction class today. Still a work in progress; nothing’s final until we turn in portfolios at the end of the term. So I would love your thoughts on this one. I managed to trample the old adage that beginning writers should “write what they know.” City government, hydraulic brakes, circus acrobats, superheroes, and journalists รขโ‚ฌโ€œ all things I don’t know much about.

I’m also going to put another fragment up for your perusal. It was going to be my story for today, but then it turned into one of my plot-less wonders. If something strikes you, could you give me a clue?

3 Responses to “Ladies and gents, get your slingshots ready…”

Tae wrote a comment on March 27, 2006

Did you purposefully pick Daily Bugle? That’s the paper that Spider-Man works for, you know.
As for the second one- what prompted it? What are you trying to say? I like it, but it definitely needs some direction.
I can empathized with Sid and David, so that’s good. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pug wrote a comment on March 27, 2006

So, how mainstream do you want to keep your college_theatre?
I mean, imagine all the {silly, forced, banal, awkward, unique, interesting} possibilities that could happen with a lightning strike on the building causing that power outage. If you want to really jump off a diving board you could make Ashley (and her chair) totally disappear. Or make the stage lights, when they come back on, illuminate ghosts. Or everyone in the audience dies mysteriously…
If you want to stay ‘fiction’ and not ‘science fiction’ or ‘fantasy’, have the light projectors explode/burn out as soon as power comes back on (a VERY real possibility, especially if the lighting guy is inexperienced). Lights cost lots of money. Plot device: They lose their lighting. School won’t pay $800*(number of lights) to replace them, so they have to either make due without in an age where people expect glitz (one branch of possibility) or perhaps use that as a reason for the stage company to go into some sort of business (legit or not so legit) to get the cash. Or the generator kicks on and, not being properly maintained (covered in dust/soda spills/who knows what else), promptly catches fire setting the stage and curtains ablaze. The playhouse either burns down or at least causes a change of venue of some sort.
I’m loaded with ideas. Feel free to say “more” or “more please”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Odette wrote a comment on March 28, 2006

re: Daily Bugle. I wasn’t thinking Spider-Man when I wrote that (though I was a little bit later on with the nets and the bus and all), but it was called to my attention in class by a guy who read my story. Guess it just surfaced from my subconcious – maybe that’s why I thought it sounded good! I guess I should change it, though.

Re: the theater thing. Partly I was feeling bummed about never getting cast as more than an ensemble role when I get cast at all, and generally I just had theater on the brain.

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