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Ut apes, geometriam

May 25, 2006 11:43 pm

The end draws apace.

Classes ended Wednesday, and two of my four classes are completely finished. Since I was auditing the Shakespeare class, I don’t have to take the final — auditing is the best thing ever, I get to have all the fun, but all I have to do is keep up with the reading, no tests, no papers. I’m also done with the voice class I was in this term: we had a brief written final on Wednesday and I did my final evaluation of all the songs I’d been working on later that morning. The only things left now are to revise stories for my fiction class and turn in my portfolio on Saturday, and to take part three of my medieval history test on Monday. My prof is leaving for Turkey as soon as he turns in grades, so he wants to get them done quickly! We already did the two essay sections on the last two days of class, and now he’s just throwing the short answer/ multiple choice??? at us on Monday. Then I sit on my hands and pack for the rest of the week; graduation is Saturday the 3rd.

Tonight was the end of year party for the CCLC staff — Jane had us over and we brought things for tacos, which was yummy. Jean presented all the superlatives we’d come up with; I am “Most likely to face varying levels of success in my attempts to create a living dragon. Those poor bats and lizards…” Sounds a bit like Carmen’s IB senior superlative, tee hee! I was a bum and forgot to print off Jean’s; must remember to do so tomorrow. Better late than never? Eep.

The senior gifts that Jean and Jane came up with are really cool — they have ordered each of us a black messenger bag with random-yet-appropriate mottos on them, mostly Latin ones with English translations, though Chris’s is a Shakespeare quote from Julius Caesar. Mine — can you guess? — is tonight’s title line, ut apes, geometriam. “As bees, geometry.”

Confused? This might help; it’s from a Victor Hugo novel called The Hunchback of Notre Dame. You might have heard of it.
“I possess philosophy by instinct, by nature, ut apes geometriam.”

Having a verb helps, doesn’t it? But see, Jen, it does refer to hexagonal-shaped honeycombs! At least, that’s the link between bees and geometry. There also seems to be an implication about some quality I innately possess, so I’m going to make the leap and consider it a compliment. It also appeals to my appreciation of things interdisciplinary: no subject can exist in isolation. Geometry can be found in the natural world and music is mathematical. Etcetera, a thousand times etcetera.

Hell, if nothing else, I’m going to enjoy tossing off obtuse explanations about why I carry a bag with some Latin quip about bees and geometry. Ha! And I think Jane and Jean were counting on that, too.

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Pug wrote a comment on May 26, 2006

Re: your messager bag – That’s awesome. Amazingly, I recognized the Latin and the context of the quote! That was a motto for something I was involved in years back while I was still playing UO… but I can’t remember what.

At any rate, wow!

For reference, Carmen’s IB senior superlative was “Most Likely To Genetically Engineer Dragons” whilst Odette’s was “Most Likely to Improve on Shakespeare.” Seems a bit of a blend, you’re right. 🙂

Odette wrote a comment on May 26, 2006

Hmmm, no, I don’t think the Shakespeare one is related here, unless you mean that Chris gets a bag with a Caesar quote…

Pug wrote a comment on May 26, 2006

What I should have said was ‘mix up’, not ‘blend’.

Odette wrote a comment on May 26, 2006

Oh!!! I see what you’re saying.

Pug wrote a comment on May 26, 2006

Ah, good. At least I’m not *completely* daft on this subject…

Elf wrote a comment on May 26, 2006

Just mostly daft. =)

Petty wrote a comment on October 15, 2009

the latin phrase you used might make better sence if you didnt use new latin, proporly translated in old latin its means “to measure as the bees”, which makes sence seeing how this is the Petty family motto and Coat of Armes.

Arms – Ermine on a bend az, a magnetic ppr. Pointing at the pole star. or. (gold)

Crest – A beehive and bees ppr.


Odette wrote a comment on October 15, 2009

Well, there you go. I’m sure the Petty family finds that very useful and I’m sure you feel ever so clever to share that with me.

In related news, how the hell is this the first page Google lists for “ut apes geometriam”? Boggles the brain.

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