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News Hour

June 20, 2006 11:18 pm

aka, It might take you 60 Minutes to read this thing!
(I’m sooo good at attracting readers….)

The chronic problem with this thing is that I put it off and then I start to get intimidated by how long I’ve put it off. First, the news summary.

1. I graduated. (And there was much rejoicing.)

2. I’ve been to Boston.

3. I’m home. And I am calling Tae TOMORROW, because I’ve been a bad person and have let piles and boxes and unpacking/repacking get in the way of spending time with my friends.

School seemed to end suddenly even though we had several days between finals and graduation. Somehow the amount of things that need to be done magically expand to fit the amount of available time. Some people might call this “making work for oneself”…

So suddenly there I was, packing boxes and ironing out my black gown. I still haven’t pulled the pictures off my camera, but I might put one up eventually. I owe some group shots to Jen and Kimberly if nothing else. Not sure there are any real stories about graduation. The whole graduating class processes down the mall and past a double row of our professors on our way into the stadium. The weather was gorgeous that evening, no problems there, and I didn’t trip. There were some problems in the line going into the stadium – a large gap formed in the line just before me, so there were a couple of us wandering across the field all by ourselves, but there it is. The commencement speaker (Furman has chosen a student to give the address for the last few years) was a communications studies major and an acquaintance of mine. She had some very appropriate things to say about the values of a liberal arts education, and I thought it was quite nice.

Did a little local sightseeing in the couple days before graduation that my parents were here. Notable was poet Carl Sandberg’s home, near Asheville, which was very nice – house on a hill overlooking a lake. A gorgeous part of the country. (Sandberg wrote the poem about fog coming in on little cat feet, if that helps anyone.)

I had to be out of my apartment the day after graduation, no leeway there, so we finally decided to get a small self-storage unit to leave my boxes and such – some things are still there, waiting to be picked up on the way up to Boston in September.

Boston! Boston was wet and unseasonably chilly, NOT the weather we expected, even up there. I was glad I had packed lots of pants! Fortunately, the tour of Emerson was largely indoors anyway. Rather than having various departments in different buildings, they have their own (more or less) floors of several ten- or twelve-story buildings in the middle of Boston. I think it would be a VERY weird place to be an undergrad, but somehow it seems less strange for grad work. Couldn’t be more different from Furman, but I’m looking forward to that. (Except there’s still lots of purple. Somehow I managed to pick another school that has purple as one of its colors.)

We were also able to meet the new roommate and see the apartment. It’s a short walk from Harvard (and more importantly, the Harvard subway station), and the apartment building is surrounded by lots of old houses, so it’s a nice walk, even in the rain.

It’ll take some time to get used to living in a city again. We saw just enough in the few days we were there to see that there are lots of places to explore. Moving in is going to be beastly; in general, it looks like it would be much easier to fly into Boston than to drive. This time we got around the issue by staying in the suburbs and taking a commuter train into the city. From there we could take the “T” (subway) or a trolly tour. My car is definately staying here.

So that’s Boston…I registered for classes just today. I have an overview course of magazine publishing (required for incoming students; I’ll have a similar course for book publishing in the spring), and a course in mag. design and production, which all sounds like great fun to me!

Other than that, I’ve been going through boxes, either re-packing them for fall (after seeing what is already in the apartment) or packing things I might have my parents send me later on. Or pulling out things I’ll want over the summer.

Speaking of which, I think most of you know that my next destination is Gainesville, living with J.C. (and E) and interning with the University Press at UF for the duration of their second summer semester. I’m driving down July 2nd and coming back…not sure when.

We’ll wrap things up with the trivial: Today I once again braved the Shalimar post office without fainting. And that’s all for the news today. We’ll see you on other people’s blogs and again here if you’re lucky. Thank you and good night.

3 Responses to “News Hour”

Pug wrote a comment on June 21, 2006

My parents were afraid that you’d end up having to leave your car behind when you went to Boston. 🙁

As always, your audience thanks you for the report!

E wrote a comment on June 21, 2006


On another note, I had mentioned to Pug that I was really looking forward to you coming down, because I’ve been given lots of time to get to know and befriend most of the rest of CSC (sans Stephen) but I feel I just haven’t gotten as much of a chance with you… it helps that I mostly lived with the rest. And Liz living with Elf and all.

Anyways! He was like “Not as much as I’m looking forward to it. Trust me.” =D

Odette wrote a comment on June 23, 2006

Haha! Or at least, not much of a chance since the middle school lunch bunch… 😉

Glad to hear it nonetheless. 🙂

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