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Brain dump

August 3, 2006 4:57 pm

I spent a large part of my day proofreading an index. By the S’s and T’s, I was starting to get a bit on the punchy side (“effing numbers, effing numbers, semi-colon — how does Teg- come before Ted- ? Effing numbers. Semi-colon.). Also kept me there a bit later than usual. Which, to be honest, is not all that late, due to the fact that I was told the first day that “Most of our interns just work 10 hours a week.” Ooookay. (Probably just as well — there are three of us right now, and we are apparently too efficient for our own good.) So I go in on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 9am and work until sometime mid-afternoon, which translates to whenever I finish whatever I’m working on. Between not having a desk and not being in every day, there’s not really anywhere I can leave things I’m partly done with. So I clean my plate.

Been scribbling in my spare time. Have crazy ideas about resolving to finish a story per month or some such, as incentive to keep self writing — ’cause the deadline thing worked out pretty well for the fiction class I took last spring.

Anyway, I did finish off something that I’d been sort-of working on for a year or more as my “July story”. Planning to give it a month or so before any serious revising so it’s easier to tell what’s crap and what’s ok. I’ll post it now if anyone wants to take a look. Otherwise it’ll probably show up sometime this fall.

The “August story” is a thing I’d started for an assignment last spring, but just wasn’t working out. It still amuses me, though, despite the fact that it’s probably a no-plot-wonder. Toying with ideas of how to make it work as a story anyway. Something one characters says early on may tangent off into a tale of its own. I’ll put that up too, but only if you promise to offer me some good, off-the-wall suggestions.

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Tae wrote a comment on August 3, 2006

Can’t promise suggestions but I would like to read anything. Still enjoyed the twisted Hamlet-Cinderella thingy you did. ;D

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