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July/August movies

August 13, 2006 10:39 pm

A quick jaunt through the movies we’ve been watching for the last month and a half.

Chocolat, Guys & Dolls, The Elephant Man, and more.

The Breakfast Club: Light food for the brain and not bad for what it is. I’d wanted to see this for a while, if only because it seemed to be one of those movies that everybody knows…except me. Operates on cliches…sort of like high school. Funny how that works. Does Barry Manilow know you stole his wardrobe?

The Pagemaster: Cute and amusing. Somehow it came up during our Silver Springs trip in July and as it turns out, E has it! So we came back here to watch it. The kid is annoying. I thought he was cuter as an animated character, but Theresa (or was it E?) disagreed. Theresa and I do agree, however, that the guy who does the voice for the Long John Silver character does a pretty awesome pirate voice.

Guys and Dolls: I didn’t enjoy this as much as I had expected to — largely, I think, because the leading ladies’ voices annoyed me (funny how even fashion in singing styles changes — just watch Disney’s Snow White and you’ll see what I mean). Also, Frankie as Nathan Detroit is odd to me… I think of Frank Sinatra as The Crooner, Extrordinaire, a real cool, classy fellow, and I think of Nathan Detroit as a bit of a lowlife and a scumbag. This may have something to do with years of listening to the soundtrack of the 1999 revival cast featuring Nathan Lane as Nathan Detroit.

A Streetcar Named Desire: Eep. What is it with “classics” being so depressing? What is so profound about showing the dirtiest, lowest sides of human nature?

Center Stage: Totally fluff, but the dancing made it fun!

Chocolat: Easily my favorite on this list, a fun, fairy tale-esque story. Intriguing and sensitive, with an adorably quirky and confident protagonist. Highly recommended.
(That sounds canned, but I’m not sure what to say about Chocolat. Just that it’s good. Really good. A lot of fun. With an invisible, anthropomorphized kangaroo! You should see it.)

Mrs. Henderson Presents: A quirky little story that touches on heavy things like war, loss, and mortality while ostensibly following the tale of some theatre people who stay on the cutting edge by using tableaus of naked women. Judy Dench is marvelous as the bored widow who sets the action in motion by buying the theatre and convincing the censor that what they’re doing is art.

Trekkies: Eek. It’s like this: You think you know what constitutes “obsessing over Star Trek,” but then this little film shows you what epic level Trekkies are like. (Unless you’d rather just be known as a “SpinerFem.” I kid you not.)

The Elephant Man: A neat, neat film. The ending and the beginning were both very strange, though. Reminds me of a wide variety of cool tales, from Robinson Davies Deptford Trilogy (circus freaks), the Phantom of the Opera (deformities), even Shakespeare’s Richard III (ditto) and Tony Sher’s Year of the King (an actor dealing with playing a character with a deformity — Richard III). And of course, if I had a million dollars, I’d buy you John Merrick’s remains (all them crazy elephant bones).
(Actually, the line in the BNL song comes from the fact that Michael Jackson did, in fact, try to buy Merrick’s skeleton from the London Hospital Medical College. For…guess how much? A million dollars! Naturally, they told him exactly where to get off. Wikipedia has more, and has pictures (sorry to point you there, but I don’t see them anywhere else. They’re a bit shocking, just so you know).)

2 Responses to “July/August movies”

Tae wrote a comment on August 14, 2006

Re: Guys and Dolls…
See, this is exactly why hearing anyone but the movie versions of the cast sounds off to me. Like Adelade(SP >_>)- there is no one but the movie version for me. The only one I can make an exception for is Marlon. Marlon might have been one of the ‘greatest’ actors of our century but damn if he’s not a musical talent. And you know that they made Nathan more sympathetic because well, it’s Frankie! 😉
Re: Chocolat-
I can’t believe I didn’t make you watch this! I love it too, it’s one of those warm fuzzy movies. ^__^
I wanted to see Pagemaster and never did, I might have to now. As for the rest, my mother warned me about Trekkies….and I try to avoid the classics because they make me want to kill myself. Especially anything by Tennessee Williams (boy did he ever have mother issues >_>). Centerstage is not a good movie but damn if I don’t watch it for the dance sequences.

Odette wrote a comment on August 14, 2006

Heehee! I knew you’d say that about Guys and Dolls. 😉 I guess it’s just what you grow up with… Still amuses me that they took out one of Sky’s songs (and an Adelaide/Sarah duet) in order to have more singing time for Frankie!

Re: Chocolat…well, there are a lot of movies you have to make me watch… 😉

Re: Pagemaster. It’s cute fluff, but don’t make it a priority.

Re: Trekkies. Your mother is wise.

There are lots of good classics! Or am I just thinking of books again?

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