Vulcan’s Peak


October 29, 2006 12:02 pm

Spotted at last night’s Halloween party:
“The center of the universe” — she had taken an umbrella apart and stuck styrofoam balls (planets) on the ends of the spokes. A Christmas tree — she had wrapped a green towel around a witch’s hat and decorated that with origami stars. Lots of the usual ghosts and witches and devils and monsters and people from various decades. My roommate was adorable in a dress her mom had made in college in the ’70s. By the end of the evening, she was wearing a sticker that read “Impeach Dick!” And her boyfriend covered his clothes in nametags to be MPD guy. Marilyn Monroe was there, as were Maverick and Goose. Priest, fire chief, art teacher. One guy had on chunky glasses, sweatpants, wore lots of convention badges, and carried a D&D Players’ Handbook (awwww). Another guy was a pimp with lots of thick necklaces and chains around his neck…one of which was a chalice necklace. We passed each other in the very crowded kitchen and I said I liked the chalice. “Yeah,” he said, “I’m one of those swingin’ seventies UUs.” I laughed and he added that the world needed “a little ‘chalic’ imagery” now and then. Very punny, but I think it’s hilarious.

I was able to reuse the gray dress I bought at Salvation Army last spring (the final paragraph) to play Lady Anne. (It wound up here by virtue of being packed in the bottom of a box of sweaters that stayed in the Greenville storage unit over the summer.) I wore that and attempted freaky eye makeup and said I was a ghost. “I was pushed off the balcony,” I told people. “It wasn’t my fault.” That was fun. Pictures to come later.

As you can see, pictures are now here. “Freaky eye makeup” looked a lot freakier in the mirror than it does in the photos, sorry to get your hopes up (’cause I know you were holding your breath on that one). Oh well, at least I managed to startle Jack when he came to the door. It was really the best reaction I got all night — I should thank him.

2 Responses to “Costumes”

Elf wrote a comment on October 29, 2006

What’s that word for ‘death by falling out of a window?’ Isn’t there one? (Or am I thinking of ‘death by falling in a manure cart?’ I remember there being a strange word for a strange form of dying, and somebody famous enough to make it into a history book of the 19th or early 20th century dying of it. Or maybe I’m delusional.)

Odette wrote a comment on October 29, 2006

A little research comes up with defenestration. Weird thing…when I read your post, the first thing that came to mind was Chronicle of a Death Foretold from twelfth grade. How strange is that?

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