Vulcan’s Peak


March 15, 2007 10:41 am

I thought about not doing it this year, but I hate to break the trend. And one of these years, I might actually read this play to boot. But in the meantime…

Remember March, the Ides of March remember:
Did not great Julius bleed for justice’ sake?
What villain touch’d his body, that did stab,
And not for justice? What! shall one of us,
That struck the foremost man of all this world
But for supporting robbers,–shall we now
Contaminate our fingers with base bribes
And sell the mighty space of our large honours
For so much trash as may be grasped thus?
I had rather be a dog, and bay the moon,
Than such a Roman.

– Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, IV iii

I hope this doesn’t bode ill for the phone interview I have set up for this evening. One of my profs has designed an assignment for which he wants us to interview an editor, so that’s what this is. Eep. From our correspondence, she seems very friendly, though. More on all that life stuff presently…

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