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For my enabler

March 25, 2007 10:48 pm

First, before I forget again, congrats to everyone who suggested cow/kine as the answer to the Car Talk puzzler I told you about a few weeks ago. Yay for people cleverer than me! Now on to new business.

One of the many frustrations of Tae’s high school career was that she kept recommending Babylon 5 to me, and I never jumped on the bandwagon — for a variety of reasons, none of them good.

It was after I started college that I actually gave it a chance. It was August (I forget which year) and I had several weeks at home after everyone else had gone back to school. The SciFi channel had Bab 5 in syndication, playing at ten or eleven every morning. Ironically, that summer I stepped right into the last episodes of season 4, but I suggest that it’s a tribute to the show (or to Tae’s judgement for how right the show is for me) that even the show’s worst season drew me in. Once Labor Day came, though, it was back to school and I spent my mornings in class.

So as of this Christmas I had seen nearly all of season 5 and a few smatterings of earlier seasons (1 and 2, I think) that I caught during other breaks at home. Post-Christmas, Tae owns the complete series and is feeding my addiction. She lent me season 1 in January when I had some time before coming back north. And last month she sent a CD spindle with seasons 2 and 3 and a handful of movies — a long distnace kidnapping. (‘Cause that’s what Tae does. She kidnaps me and exposes me to fun movies and we have a blast.)

In general, I haven’t had the free time this semester that I did in the fall (when I was going through a season of Buffy or Angel in a little over a week), so it’s not for lack of will that I’ve only now gotten to the end of season 2.

One of the fun things about having started at the end is that I know where people are going. Watching season 5, I developed a lot of respect for G’Kar, so it was intriguing and a little shocking to go back to season 1 and see where he started out. Ditto the relationship between Sheridan and Delenn (only, scratch “shocking” and put in “amusing”). And one of the earlier episodes I wandered into was the one in which we learn that Talia has a hidden personality that even she doesn’t know about. I remember that at the time I thought she was just a blonde twit, good riddance. But by the time I came to it this weekend, I was sorry to see her go.

Before I wander too far away from G’Kar, though, I have to say that though I know the Narn are supposed to be reptilian, I always see them as somewhat feline. I think it’s partly in the proud bearing they all seem to have and partly that the orange and black spots look like a leopard-tiger hybrid.

A goodie: A compilation of the opening credits of all 5 seasons on YouTube. Pretty cool.

Also on the spindle
Tae also sent me a handful of the sort of movies she usually kidnaps me to see. What A Way To Go! is a fun bit of madness in which Shirley MacLaine marries and is indirectly responsible for the unforseeable downfall and death of no less than four husbands (including Dick Van Dyke, Paul Newman, and Gene Kelly!) In a twisted way it’s almost fairy tale-esque — you see the pattern and you know it’s going to be repeated, but you don’t know how! Crazy fun.

But I really loved Sliding Doors, which tells two versions of the same story. A basic premise is set up: Gwyneth Paltrow, living in London with a boyfriend who is cheating on her, goes to work one morning and gets fired. Heading home, she misses the subway by a hair — or does she? We see one version of her catch the subway, get home, catch the boyfriend with another woman and go to stay with a friend. Simultaneously, a second version of her misses the subway just as we learn that the line is being closed for maintenance work, so she must take a taxi home, so by the time she gets there, the other woman has left. We follow both stories, which converge in interesting places. Fortunately for our sanity, one version of Gwyneth changes her hairstyle pretty quickly. Yes, this qualifies as a romance, but the style of storytelling is really neat and works nicely.

Also in the pile was Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing, which I’ve seen a couple times (my dad has it, so do Poke and her hubby) and I adore it. Definately an all time favorite.

The ones I haven’t gotten to yet are Radioland Murders, The Emperor and the Assasin and a Twelfth Night with Helena Bonham Carter as Olivia (and, so says, one of my favorite people as Orsino — British actor Toby Stephens). Tae, you’ll get this batch back one of these days, I promise!

5 Responses to “For my enabler”

E wrote a comment on March 26, 2007

I picked up Sliding Doors once and thought it looked interesting and want to watch it, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Tae wrote a comment on March 26, 2007

Yes. I was right and you should’ve listened to me sooner. ;P
But I know what you mean about Talia. I liked her better than Lyta- she really annoyed me.
You’ll like “Radioland Murders”- it’s quirky in that “Clue” sort of way. “The Emperor and the Assassin” is more ‘grown up’ and beautifully touching. It’s the ‘same’ story/legend as “Hero” just FYI, told in a more realistic fashion. Sort of. You’ll see.

Elf wrote a comment on March 26, 2007

I saw ‘Sliding Doors’ when it came out (and again when Lee picked it up). I apparently will randomly choose romantic movies to like. (For example, I liked ‘The Lake House’. On the other hand, ‘When Harry Met Sally’ just annoyed me.) Also, I’m bad at recognizing where I know actors from- I knew I recognized Jonathon in ‘The Mummy’ from somewhere.

I also need to finish watching Bab5.

Pug wrote a comment on March 26, 2007

I’m just out in no-movie-land. In a ‘I built a digital video recorder on steroids and don’t take the time to watch anything on it longer than an episode of Battlestar Galactica or Family Guy’ sort of way.

Odette wrote a comment on March 28, 2007

Poor Pug! But honestly…wasn’t the challenge of making it part of the point?

I finished season 2 yesterday and launched into season 3. Several eps I remember seeing before like the Inquisitor who turns out to be Jack the Ripper. Doesn’t he turn up abnormally often in science fiction? Star Trek used him once, and I think he makes an appearence on TNG, too…

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