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Roommates and other funny people

April 8, 2007 12:08 pm

“We just got a nice new fish tank…the angelfish are in HEAVEN.”

“Do you have Cher-e-o-kee blood?”
-C., asking about the bag my cousing made for me that has the Cherokee alphabet on it. I think it’s hilarious — there should be a Native American rock band called Chereeokee, the Singin’ Indians.

“You’re not a Jedi for fun. That’s like your job.”
-L., my classmate. We were looking at an article that compared a young fisherman and his mentor to Luke and Obi-Wan.

“Christina, you can’t bring your author back from the dead…even though he may be from Transylvania.”
-G., my prof, reassuring my classmate. We were writing promotion plans for the manuscripts we are hypothetically publishing. Obviously her author can’t go on book tours, but his point was that she has the translators.

“I thought you were going to say ‘Oh, it’s in Rhode Island!'”
-R., my classmate, after I reveal (following considerable debate) that the house I have described in a poem is entirely metaphorical.

And on the Babylon 5 front, Sheridan has declared independance. A great episode — I love when Delenn gets to be a badass. Also just saw the two-parter that deals with the B4 timetravel storyline from season 1, which was several kinds of cool. My heart went out to Garibaldi, though. He’s in a coma when Sinclair gets reassigned, and now the guy comes through the station and all Michael gets is a last-minute note.

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Tae wrote a comment on April 8, 2007

Yeah, the time travel episode is one of my faves. I have a tiny nitpick about it but I won’t ramble on your blog. The Chereeokee band cracked me up. ;D
Happy Easter!

Odette wrote a comment on April 9, 2007

If I catch you on IM sometime soon, I want to hear your nitpick. 🙂

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