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Identity crisis?

May 11, 2007 12:25 pm

I don’t know why I would think that “Lady Vulcan” would be a particulalrly unique pseudonym. So why am I so weirded out by the discovery that someone else on the net uses the same handle?

Unless I’m actually finding more than one other person, she’s a middle-aged woman who writes fan fic for Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, Stargate, and Angel, draws pictures that look like Elf’s did in middle school, and belongs to a message board for singles who love motorcycles. Just barely enough similarity of interest to be confusing.

After finding this person who may or may not be a single person, I continued to google. The University of Hawaii at Hilo and California University of Pennsylvania (located in California, PA, of course) are “The Vulcans,” which makes their women’s sports teams the “Lady Vulcans.” I also came up with some ’80s movie called A Hazard of Hearts in which one character is called “Lady Harriet Vulcan,” which amuses me. A synopses suggests that she’s not a nice character, but the part was played by none other than Diana Rigg, so at least that’s a comfort.

In other strange and fascinating news, there was a man near me on the T last night with a bicycle and a sketchbook. It looked like he was drawing some of the people around him on the train and I got a glimpse as I passed him to get off. One figure seemed to have the strap of a messenger bag across her chest, glasses, and wisps of hair falling out of her braid. Which would be me…

I miss watching all my artist friends in action. Love you girls.

2 Responses to “Identity crisis?”

Pug wrote a comment on May 11, 2007

You are, however, the top hit on Google for “Lady Vulcan”. I have no idea where I show up on a search for “Pug”. That’s somethin’. You’re like the authoritative Lady Vulcan of the Internet.

Aside: Harriet V… *giggles*

Tae wrote a comment on May 13, 2007

You might be part of a class assignment even. 😉

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