Vulcan’s Peak

This is what happens…

May 29, 2007 12:21 am

…when I forget to read my comics for a weekend.

Vogon poetry joke on Get Fuzzy.

Then the next day:
“I’ve been waiting for you, ObiWilco.”

Meanwhile, Multiplex does Shrek 3. Which I haven’t seen, just for note. Movie cliche, pop culture reference!

Meanwhile, my apartment has been a veritable hotel lately — first the roommate’s family here for her graduation, then the boyfriend here for his birthday, then the college friend here until she could start to move into the apartment where she’s subletting a room for the summer. All very nice and good fun, but nice to be back to normal-ish.

My six-week summer class started up last Monday and meets two nights a week. I like the prof, and the class is an interesting mix of people for whom this is their last class, people who are half done; MAs and MFAs; even a few juniors and seniors mixed in with the grad students. It’s a copyediting course, so it’s basically a lot of exercises in being nitpicky, which — hey, it’s me — is actually kind of fun.

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