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November 3, 2007 11:02 am

Two weeks ago: Pumpkin festival! Last year, this festival set the record for the number of jack-o-lanterns in one place or something like that. I haven’t heard how this year’s festival compared.

pumpkin tower festival
view surrounded

One week ago: pumpkin carving and Halloween party!

My roommate had picked out a selection of appropriately Halloweeny Buffy episodes to put on while we carved (mine is on the left), so then after we finished we turned off all the lights and lit up the jack-o-lanterns while we watched tv.

carving three jacks jack, up close

Saturday night a couple of friends threw a Halloween party. We didn’t plan it this way, but my roommate, her boyfriend, and I wound up with a theme of “obscure tv characters.” She went as Disney teen pop star Hannah Montana, he as 1980s Hawaii-based detective Magnum, P.I., and I….

Well, recently, my roommate and I and another friend went costume shopping at a place called the Garment District, which is part costumes, but mostly used clothes. As we were poking through coats marked “1960s & ’70s,” one of the girls pulled one out that was way too big for her, but fit me. And used clothes prices being amazingly affordable, we decided that I just needed to figure out who would wear a coat like that.

Well, I finally figured it out. So I bought a plastic gun from the dollar store went as Zoe, from Firefly. (And here I had thought that if I ever dressed up as a Firefly character, it would be River — all you have to do is wear mismatched clothes and not brush your hair for a day or two. Plus you’d get to act crazy all night.) I was afraid that no one would get my costume, but I was only asked who I was three times, and as soon as I said it, they understood, and usually said they owned the DVDs. One girl actually started the conversation by asking if I was supposed to be Jayne, which was odd.


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Courtney wrote a comment on December 2, 2007

Oh dear, just noticed that picture ended up here. Wow. What’s funny is that you were worried no one would know who you were…yet you looked more like your obscure TV character than Jack and I combined!

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