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February 23, 2008 1:51 am

One of my courses this semester is on rights in publishing (copyright, subsidiary rights, permissions, contracts, etc.). Sounds dry, but it’s been really interesting so far. And not only because of things like what I’m going to show you, though that helps, too.

Last week, we had Larry Lessig in as a guest speaker by virtue of this video. The whole thing is about 20 minutes and it’s very good — it’s a presentation he gave on creative freedom.

If you’re just looking for some funny, however, skip the video ahead to about 8:40, where Lessig presents three examples of what he calls “remix culture.” The first will particularly amuse fans of the Muppets. The second (at 9:30) becomes a bit of an eyesore, but just wait for it… And it only lasts a minute, because at 10:30 there’s a beautiful political romance.

In other news, a notice on the school website announces that the main dining hall “will be going trayless February 25th to 29th.” (I love the way they phrase it.) We’ve got about six inches of snow on the ground tonight — I guess the cafeteria-tray-as-makeshift-sled phenomena is universal.

4 Responses to “Recommended viewing”

Pug wrote a comment on February 24, 2008

I always really enjoy listening to Lessig’s talks. And actually, I thought the second video was awesome.

It’s encouraging to me that your course on publishing rights isn’t nothing but hard-core “copyright is our god and the only way for us to worship fully is to make it perpetual.” It is, after all, natural for the publishing industry to hate libraries.

Odette wrote a comment on February 24, 2008

I love all three of the remixes, don’t get me wrong. I just thought a little warning was appropriate. 🙂

And yes, the nature of the course is helpfully influenced by the character of our professor. Although perpetual copyright wouldn’t help publishers in all cases: orphan works are one frustrating example.

Tae wrote a comment on February 25, 2008

I’m not quite as ‘liberal’ as J.C. is when it comes to copyright. But I find this guy’s writing on copyright- to be very interesting and informative. He’s not anti-CC but he does have reservations, and legitimate ones too if I say so.

Odette wrote a comment on February 27, 2008

I can respect that. And thanks for the link — some of the stuff on there looks really interesting and relevant and all that. 🙂

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