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There are certain ironies about this

April 5, 2005 7:43 pm

Shamelessly stolen from Crunch:

The Monk
You scored 28% Cardinal, 71% Monk, 44% Lady, and 24% Knight!
You live a peaceful, quiet life. Very little danger comes you way and
you live a long time. You are wise and modest, but also stagnant. You
have little comfort, little food and have taken a vow of silence. But
who needs chatter when just sitting in the cloister of your abbey with
The Good Book makes you perfectly content.

My test tracked 4 variables: how you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 30% on Cardinal
You scored higher than 95% on Monk
You scored higher than 57% on Lady
You scored higher than 3% on Knight
Link: The Who Would You Be in 1400 AD Test written by KnightlyKnave on OkCupid Online Dating

Something I’d almost forgotten

March 24, 2005 10:06 pm

A call to my anime-literate friends: anybody know anything about a tv series called ‘Gatchaman’? Apparently it sometimes also goes by ‘Battle of the Planets’ and when I watched it on Cartoon Network about ten years ago, it was called ‘G Force.’ Something brought it to mind last week, sending me on a google search for a nostalgia trip. If you really want to laugh at me (heck, I am!) take a look at the clip labelled “The Original.” Apparently I knew it very well at one time… I had a wierd sensation of almost knowing the next line. Very funny. Anyway, I wondered if this was a series anyone else was familiar with/enjoys/hates with the passion of a thousand suns/garlic. Clearly I saw something in the story ten years ago, but would I see anything worthwhile about it now? Always an interesting question.

‘Tis the month for visitors here! Pug was here last weekend and my dad and brothers will be here on Saturday. *glee*

Jumping off cliffs, just like everybody else

June 26, 2004 4:33 pm

Noooooo, I’m not supposed to be writing any papers…!

If you were on a battlefield right now, versus everything…
Gender MaleFemaleAnimalUnsureRather Not Say
Lover or a Fighter?
Fight for good or evil? For GoodFor EvilFor Neither
Battle Cry
Weapon of Choice Telekenetic abilities
Appearance Your favourite clothes, flying
Your Battle Cry… Infuriates the enemy
Foes slain upon first strike: – 50%

What you fight Society
You fight…. For Truth, Justice, and the American Way
This quiz by Ferggs – Taken 8135 Times.

New – Kwiz.Biz Astrology

Not bad for a quiz!    😉

This is for Carmen

June 25, 2004 8:01 am

One of the amusing features of my ladyvulcan e-mail is that it gives me a random quote at the top of the page every time the page loads (thank you, Pug!). The thing picks from some ungodly number so that they don’t repeat before the teenage user starts to go gray (grey? I never remember which is which.) Anyway, this is what I have this morning:


Yay bio-nerds!


April 4, 2004 11:37 pm

Jumping on the bandwagon at the last minute! Carmen and Crunch are always good company – and besides, they need a voice of reason, right?    😉

If you need something to do…

March 31, 2004 9:49 am

Bubble wrap

Along the same lines, my new worthless knowledge from yesterday: on a PC, Ctrl-Alt-(down arrow) will flip the screen display upside down. Isn’t that good to know? And yes, Ctrl-Alt-(up arrow) will fix it.

Have fun today!


March 14, 2004 5:26 pm

Quiz stolen shamelessly from Stephen’s blog.

Green Dragon
You are a green dragon. You dwell in the forest and
you love peace. You don’t often bother yourself
with human affairs but you love to help when needed.

Which Dragon resides in your soul?
brought to you by Quizilla

Take that with as much salt as you like, I just think it’s a cool picture.

I’m here.

March 3, 2004 10:37 am

So there, Stephen.

More later. 😉

A lovely non-productive evening

February 8, 2004 10:06 pm

Dueled Crunch this evening – came out pretty close, but I lost this time. He knocked Odette unconcious before admitting that when he came out of rage, he had only 1 hit point. A good fight.

And just for fun…the first one I found on Stephanie’s blog, the other I just happened across.

Ballet Shoes
Ballet shoes- beautiful, graceful, and creative,
you enjoy dancing writing and music. You are
often very poetic and sometimes dramatic. You
keep to yourself aside from a few close friends
that you can relate to.

What Kind of Shoe Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh, yeah, that’s me. *trips over her own feet* 😉
I’d love to have the time to get back into ballet… *sigh*

Blue Dragon
You are a blue dragon! You are reliable and
steady. You are known for being able to work
for long periods of time without tiring. You
are intelligent and very perceptive, and a good
judge of talent. You are good at finding
humans who would make good dragonriders. You
tend to set reasonable goals, and almost always
succeed at what you set out to do.

What color of Pernese dragon are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

The non-initiated who don’t get this one can go read Anne McCaffrey, who is one of the most awesome fantasy writers I know of.

New studies show…

December 3, 2003 8:54 pm

…That the celebration of birthdays is healthy. Statistics show that those people who celebrate the most birthdays become the oldest.

So! Never be afraid to admit your age and have a party! heeheehee!