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I just need to share

April 1, 2006 12:36 am

Just doin’ my duty as an “STD” and passing things along….

Jean has addicted me to a simplistic little game called Flow. You have a little creature-thingy and you eat stuff (which sometimes wants to eat you) and it grows and then you can sink down into the next deeper level of the water you’re swimming around it, so basically you get to watch yourself evolve. It’s entrancing in a slow, soothing kind of way. Good for Fridays when you need something to pass the time that requires minimal thought.

Something completely different: funny stuff I probably wouldn’t have the guts to actually wear…
The goatee wouldn’t help me.
Like Vegas, but “illegal aliens” means Orions, not Mexicans.
Some days, you’re the salt vampire, and some days…
For J.C.
Candidate 1
Candidate 2
(In all honesty, I think I’d vote for Picard. But since no one’s really voting on this one, I would of course go for Kirk/Spock.
Appropriate for the Peak

Fun, fun, fun.

I know you all need a comic fix

February 4, 2005 3:34 pm

Pug greeted me with this one this morning: Real Life

No more Enterprise. Sad. No mockery from you Enterprise-haters, either! Let me mourn in peace…

On a more cheerful and even zanier note: Get Fuzzy

How could a DM Guide in the hand not improve one’s charisma?

This is about a week early, but I don’t care. Rest Stop for Robots

Heehee. Have a happy!


December 8, 2004 12:04 am

Those of you who follow Enterprise know that there have been several episodes that have had a lot to do with Vulcan and Vulcans lately. And I know all of you can guess how I feel about that.

*puts on a good Vulcan expression to resist bouncing gleefully*

Anyway, I was most amused to see what has put together for the occaision: The Vulcan Files

And I was more amused to find this tidbit in the transcript of a chat with Leonard Nimoy from last March:

Q: Mr. Nimoy, was it hard to learn to lift one eyebrow in that manner?

LN: It came very naturally. It wasn’t something I set out or planned to do. It was something that I did as a natural reaction to something DeForest Kelley said to me one day.

So no, he didn’t practice in front of a mirror either.