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November 12, 2003 4:21 pm

This weekend surprised us all by getting cold…and now that we’ve all pulled out our sweaters, the temperature’s back up and gorgeous. I took my laptop outside for a couple hours (=battery length), which was very nice. And I got stuff done, really, I did!

Just a tip, folks – DO NOT ask Stephen about goats, chocolate syrup, golf clubs, and a rubber chicken. Our poor Jachyra is a sick little puppy. And if he tries to tell you that I’m an inhuman monster, well…smile and nod. He might be better in the morning, but I’m not holding my breath.

Speaking of sick, my roommate is coming down with something. Again! Poor thing, she’s hardly been healthy since we moved in this year. And I started having some sinus problems about the time we moved in…very minor, but persistent. I’m starting to wonder if we’re living in a “sick building”… I hope not, I like Judson, but it would explain a thing or two.

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Pug wrote a comment on November 13, 2003

Goats? Oh the humanity!!

I am not sure if I want to know what you two talked about…

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