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Shakespeare, mostly

November 16, 2003 2:20 pm

My roommate left me this morning…
I was glad she went, though. Her parents came up to take her home – with any luck, she’ll get better faster in her own bed. Pneumonia is icky.

Friday night I went to see the theater department put on “Twisted Tales from Shakespeare” which was well done and very funny! They took Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and acted out rather Monty Python-esque versions with only four actors (two male, two female). Narration was supplied by a stereotypical pompous scholar (who also discussed things like Shakespeare’s background and the authorship question), with comic remarks from the “Footnoter”. The program alone was hilarious – one whole page was headed with the warning “After the program, there may be a test”. It contained such gems as

(on Hamlet)
1. Have you noticed how, in Shakespeare’s plays, when people said they saw a ghost, they usually did? Were people more trustworthy in those days? Were ghosts?

(on A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
2. What is your idea of a wild thyme?

and, as a message from the author of the book the play was based on, Richard Armour,
“Since I have been a longtime professor of literature at a number of colleges and universities, you may wonder whether I ever taught Shakespeare. How could I? Shakespeare died in 1616.”

I was in stitches just reading the program.

9 Responses to “Shakespeare, mostly”

Crunch wrote a comment on November 16, 2003

You are such a nerd.

Pug wrote a comment on November 16, 2003

Hehe, I can’t wait till I get to see this on Friday. 🙂

Odette wrote a comment on November 16, 2003

Yes, I am!

Elf wrote a comment on November 17, 2003

Woo! That sounds better than the Sock Puppet Shakespeare I watched the day before A Midsummer Night’s Dream started showing. You’ve never seen Shakespeare til you’ve seen two sock puppets act out the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene, complete with pausing to remember lines, tripping over the balcony, and uh, a very soprano Romeo. At least the real play had guys acting in it. Well, maybe you’ve seen too much Shakespeare if you’ve seen sock puppet theater…

Tae wrote a comment on November 17, 2003

Sounds like fun.
Stephen- leave her alone. Besides, you calling her a nerd is the pot/kettle/black bit!

Odette wrote a comment on November 17, 2003

I’m sure Stephen’s just jealous. He wishes HE could star in something this cool.

CRUNCH! wrote a comment on November 17, 2003

I already did. It was called 12th Night.

Pug wrote a comment on November 17, 2003

I just want to be popular.

Odette wrote a comment on November 18, 2003

Hmmm…he’s got a point. Twelfth Night is a cool play. Granted, this was a very different sort of cool, but I’ll let you off the hook. 😉

As for Pug, all I can say is…
“How…can I sing like a girl…and not-”
er, oh right, I already do. Nevermind! 🙂

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