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December 10, 2003 12:39 am

I added a couple of poems to the Wordsmiths site last night. They’re kind of an odd pair, but there ’tis. Feedback welcome! – either as comments or as e-mail.

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Tae wrote a comment on December 10, 2003

I definitely liked the cold one. Amusing and definitely what goes through one’s head while walking through the cold. 🙂 The other one I didn’t care for as much, it seemed a bit disjointed to me….but that could just be my finals-addled brain. I’m also curious about another you did earlier that you never said anything about- “Rose” or something. Any thoughts ya wanna share?

Pug wrote a comment on December 10, 2003

Liz posted a new one too, about jealousy and longing. Unfortunately, it appears that reactions to the poem are not welcome. *toothy grin* (I’m pretty sure the title’s actually saying that reactions like jealousy aren’t welcome, but hey, it’s fun to twist stuff!)

Odette wrote a comment on December 10, 2003

“A Rose”…yeah, I wondered when someone was going to say something about that little oddity. The core of that poem is the fact that about every third girl you meet at Furman is a Katie, Kate, or Katherine. (When I complain about this, Dad suggests that perhaps I should have been named Brunhilda…anyway.) So I got to thinking about Katherine and all it’s nicknames, and how I’ve used a few of them at various points. “A Rose” takes each variation of the name and sort of personifies it.

‘Katherine’ I use for official stuff these days, so I sort of pictured the Katherine in me as a harried secretary-looking person. I guess that one’s pretty clear.

‘Katie’ is particularly common at Furman. But of course it still means me in my book.

Hmmm, I seem to get more and more obscure as I go on. ‘Kate’…well, in first grade I idolized a character on a tv show, and her name was Kate, so then I wanted to be called Kate too…

And ‘Kitty’? It’s kind of odd. Number one, I talk to myself. Internal dialogue sort of thing. Am I crazy? You all know I am. So for some reason in the last couple of years, I’ve started calling myself Kitty sometimes when I talk to myself. Odd, since no one has ever called me Kitty, and I don’t think I would ask anyone to call me Kitty, and I would really prefer that people didn’t call me Kitty.

But she calls herself Kitty.

Odette, again wrote a comment on December 10, 2003

n.b. I added another comment for the cold poem. Glad you liked it, Liz…it was a very spur of the moment piece! It’s growing on me, though… 😉

Tae wrote a comment on December 11, 2003

I like Brunhilda…. ;D
(And yes J.C.- reactions are welcome- sort of)

Crunch wrote a comment on December 11, 2003

You really shouldn’t have mentioned Kitty to me.

Carmen wrote a comment on December 11, 2003

For some reason, the first stanza of the second one reminded me a little of the Ivan Denisovich book. This must be because it was on my mind after hearing a question on it during the College Bowl Academic Team thing. oO

Odette wrote a comment on December 12, 2003


Actually, Brunhilda probably wouldn’t be too bad as long as I went by Hildy or something. 😉

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