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One-act plays and life with crutches

February 21, 2004 11:10 pm

My roommate and I went to see Furman theater’s latest production tonight. This one was a pair of related one-acts about people in a little town in Texas in about 1970. The first one was three women, the second was three men, and two of the former were married to two of the latter, which made things interesting. I think my favorite moment was when the third woman, Amy Lee appeared for the first time. One of the other women, Hattie, had been making nasty comments about how tacky Amy Lee’s clothes were and that her designer must be Ray Charles. And on walks Amy Lee, wearing the same dress as Hattie. It was really funny!

I’ve been playing caretaker this past week or so – Jen, my roomie, managed to damage her Achilles tendon on the stairs, so she’s on crutches and in physical therapy. This makes me Door-opener, Bed-maker, and DH Tray-holder extrordinaire, which is fine. With a little luck, the tendon will heal quickly, for her sake.

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