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As promised

March 4, 2004 10:35 pm

Sorry, Stephen, but this is why I admit that I’m a bad diarist. I don’t write regularly. Cope.

But there are such good stories that I need to back track to…

Monday, February 23
…which was the day before my final for satire final. I was at work that afternoon, filling in for Jen, who was showing her ankle to a doctor. So there I sit, trying to study for this exam, surrounded by my various books for the class, and who should walk in but my professor? (Remember how I was saying that some of the English profs are going to be moving into these offices? Apparently Dr. McArthur is one of them.) It felt very odd.

So Tuesday was the satire exam, and like I said at the time, it was not a pretty thing. I think it’s the first final I’ve taked at Furman where I sat and wrote for the WHOLE two and a half hours. The first part he had warned us about on the first day of class – we had to write this extended definition of satire. And as we gradually found out, no writer has yet written a satisfactory definition of the word. So that was ugly. About an hour into the exam, I was not-quite done with the definition – looking at how much more I had to do, I really wanted to have a nervous breakdown just so I wouldn’t have to do it.

About this time, I put the definition aside and moved on. For the next section, the instructions were this big block of text in all caps, which is bad enough, but Dr. McArthur had put the test in a font that I like to call typewriter-wannabe (why DO teachers like it???). It was not easy on the eyes, and I wrote a note telling him so. In retrospect, this was really not the smartest move, but anyway…

Tuesday afternoon and evening I pulled a marathon shift at the CCLC (schedules are all funny around exam time – you don’t have to work if you don’t want to, but I like the extra hours. In general, things have calmed down by exam week, so I can study as well there as I can in my room). And Dr. McArthur came back. I was helping with a video project when I saw him come in, so he didn’t say anything then, but knowing he was there made me nervous, being right after that exam.

And he STAYED down there for over an hour. Measuring. For over an hour. I began to think he had slipped out the back door, but when I wandered over to check, he was still around. I hadn’t meant to bother him (translation: I was nervous because I thought my test sucked and I was afraid that he’d be upset about the note I wrote on my test), but he saw me go past. “Katie, is that you?” he says. “Um, yeah, hi,” I reply eloquently. “I repent,” he says. “Uh, beg pardon?” I say – partly because he tends to speak softly and partly because that was about the last thing I expected to hear. “About the font on the test,” he says, “I repent.” I was patently shocked and highly amused. Apparently he took my comment quite seriously and apologized for it, complete with explanation. That’s the second time with him that I’ve felt that our roles were momentarily reversed. The other was when I asked him to critique my second paper – he was making some very general statements about what I could do to improve it, and I’m sitting there saying, “How, exactly?” I felt like a teacher trying to push a student into a deeper analysis of something. Very wierd. Overall, Dr. McArthur is a nice guy and an interesting teacher and I like him as a person, but he has some wierd ideas about grades – not sure I would take another course from him.

Wednesday was my math exam, which I won’t waste time on – I have my grades already and I know I did just fine, end of story.    😉

Then I got to go home – flew Delta this time. Both flights were late, but not by too much.

Got to see Liz/plot with Liz/laugh uproariously with Liz after I got home. 😀

Spent a nice weekend with J.C. – we rented the movie Groundhog Day, which I recommend to anyone, it was very funny!

I’ve managed to keep myself busy this week: tried to buy a calendar in March (failed utterly, will hit Sprawl Mart next time I’m there), applied for a passport. That was interesting. I hadn’t been into Shalimar’s courthouse complex. It’s not big or fancy, but somehow the aura was still very official and intimidating. I was wearing jeans and suddenly felt grossly underdressed… Anyway, the lady I dealt with was very nice.

I’ve been reading Michael Crighton’s The Andromeda Strain and finished it this morning. I think my fellow bio-nerd would enjoy it *pokes Theresa* And probably my roomie too, come to think of it *pokes Jen* 🙂

3 Responses to “As promised”

Pug wrote a comment on March 4, 2004

The thought of you having a nervous breakdown is scary. Who knows what you’d do?!


Tae wrote a comment on March 5, 2004

Do I even want to ask?
Yes plotting/laughing/visiting is very fun…mwahahaha….er ignore that.
Sorry I didn’t get to see you again before you go back to Furman (nearly wrote Furball there for a moment) but I had an 8 hr shift today.

Odette wrote a comment on March 6, 2004

To reassure the rest of you, “Burning Parrot Day” is apparently a figment of J.C.’s imagination.

*chuckles* Yay, Furball! 😉
Yeah, I figured stuff had probably come up – no problem. Glad you dropped by last week, though!

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