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Took long enough…

May 26, 2004 9:48 pm

Classes are finally over!

Today was the official last day, though two of my classes finished yesterday. I had my English final on Monday (a sort of second midterm rather than a true final, really), and we generally got Wednesdays off in German, so she let us have this one too. So today was just the last day of HES. And there was much rejoicing.

I also had my voice jury this afternoon, so that’s another “final” down. I had to sing two pieces for the voice faculty (about six teachers): I got to choose the first, and they chose the second on the spot from a list of the songs I worked on this term. I picked a Mozart piece from Marriage of Figaro …which is kind of a story unto itself. See, the character who sings this aria is a page boy, but he’s always played by a woman for whatever reason. So among other things, I had to work on looking at least vaguely masculine, which was very interesting! Anyway, that went well, and then the faculty actually chose the song I was hoping they would! Of the other two, one I don’t know as well, and the other…well, apparently a lot of people are singing it this term, so they would be less likely to pick it for me. So all’s well. I get results on Friday, but I’m not concerned.

Work has been absolutely crazy of late – many projects due in the last few days! The best is when a whole class has to come down for something….and they all wait until the last minute! And then they’re upset when the equipment is booked by their classmates and we won’t stay late. Cry me a river, kiddos, you were told to start early. I have no sympathy. It’s crazy.

So now all I have to do is study for two exams and pack (my friends here hate me a little for that…can’t blame ’em). I’ll probably put in some time at work during exams, too. Policy is that you don’t have to work your hours during exams, and whoever wants to can pick up extra. It’s usually quiet in there after classes end.

Not much longer now.

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Carmen wrote a comment on June 3, 2004



Steph wrote a comment on June 4, 2004

so when do you come back home?

Heh, you probably will be home by the time you get this for all I know….

Pug wrote a comment on June 7, 2004

It’s 7 June, do you know where your blog is?

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