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Now then. Where was I?

July 8, 2004 5:17 pm

Tae and Nadrak found Astrae, the Queen’s city, to be a truly delightful place. Arriving at the palace, they were met at the door by a man in the Queen’s livery, who graciously ushered them into the Queen’s presence and introduced them.

Queen Miralana herself was probably half-celestial. She had the height of an elf, feathered wings, and black hair. She seemed ageless, and had an unusually intense gaze. She invited her guests to feast with her. At dinner, she explains herself. The land of one of her earls…

(Aside. Contrary to last night, I’ve decided to call them all earls rather than lords, because I think I can get away with using it for the women, too. I don’t know what the English call a female earl, and for this, it doesn’t really matter. This is my world and earl is a good word. Plus, we get to sing Duke, duke, duke, duke of earl, duke, duke, duke of earl… err, right. End aside.)

The land of one of her earls, Sir Edmund of Spens has been usurped by what Miralana refers to only as “a foul beast.” She says that this is because that’s all Sir Edmund’s letter’s have called it. She implies that he is getting on in years, and his eyesight not be good enough to get a good look at it, and he is too stubborn to trust the judgement of those around him. She has sent many of her best knights to his aid, but the messages Sir Edmund send her say that none of them have arrived.

Apparently she had not only been seeking a healer, as the old man in the inn seemed to think, but an entire group of adventurers. Tae admitted that she had some friends in that line of work whom she could contact. Miralana asked that they go to Sir Edmund’s aid, and hopefully discover the fates of her knights along the way.

So Tae contacted Petra, and Nadrak went window shopping. In fact, he got so caught up in it, that Petra and Tae went off without him. (aka J.C. goes to Europe)

Petra had been having adventures of her own in Waterdeep, among other places, that involved breaking into a jail (to rescue a friend), which involved setting off a fireball on a box of fireworks to create a diversion. Tae’s call was conveniently timed just when Petra needed somewhere else to be.

As they left Astrae, Tae told Petra all about Nadrak….inadvertently giving her a very wrong impression of him.

“Hi, Petra? I’m in the Court of the Fairy and I met this guy….but it’s not like that…”

“Be careful, he’s very sensitive. And he really enjoys shopping…”

“…and he really doesn’t like females of his race…”

You see what I mean.

After leaving the city, Tae and Petra travelled south toward Spens. The road ran along the edge of the forest, and when it began to rain, the dense forest looked drier and increasingly more inviting. Unfortunately, they ran aross a pair of wyverns who had thought the same thing, and were getting hungary. The pair dispatched them with their usual style.

Presently, the forest thinned and no longer held back the rain. Just before it got truly miserable, Tae and Petra came across an adorable little cottage with a fresh coat of paint (pale yellow with blue trim), surrounded by a garden filled with herbs and flowers. A garden flag sported dragons flying over a field of daffodils. They were met at the door by a friendly fellow who called himself Biff the hermit. He had an armload of warm towels and promptly invited them to dinner, claiming that visitors were few and far between. The evening was spent telling tall tales by the fire. Most of them were true.

Tae and Petra slept by the fire, but they did not have a pleasant night. Both were troubled by visions appearing in a room that was normally Biff’s pantry. Petra marched upstairs to interrogate Biff while Tae examined the pantry, but Biff was dodgy and all Tae could tell was that strong spells had been in effect in the pantry. Their biggest find was in a secret compartment in Biff’s desk: letters from “Duessa” to “Archimago.” They were about to tear Biff to pieces when he grabbed a wooden charm and teleported away. Our friends hit the road early.

On the road they came upon a pair of campers about to hit the road as well. They were reluctant to give details, but Tae and Petra gradually realized that the couple were eloping. They had come from north of Waterdeep (her home), and were heading to the capital of the country to the south, Orant (his home). He claimed to be the youngest prince of Orant, and he introduced her as Lady Fidessa. They travelled with Tae and Petra for a while.

During the day, they came across a girl talking to a tree, only he wasn’t a tree, he was her brother, enchanted by the sorceress Duessa. Petra restored the young man with a scroll of Greater Dispelling. He turned out to be one of Miralana’s knights, albeit a young and unaccomplished one. He said he and the other knights had met a beautiful lady on the road, who had offered them wine. Tae and Petra decided to send the pair back to Astrae with a message for the queen.

Late in the day, Fidessa and her knight turned slightly west, heading for the house of people they knew. They invited Tae and Petra to come along, but they declined. As dusk fell, another group of bandits attacked, but they were no match.

Now that only leaves last night’s adventures. Will finish later! Odette out.

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Pug wrote a comment on July 8, 2004

But Nadrak did *not* let Tae braid his horse’s mane. 😉

Carmen wrote a comment on July 8, 2004

Woohoo! And the plot thickens. =D

Crunch wrote a comment on July 8, 2004

Cool Cool Cool Cool

Tae wrote a comment on July 9, 2004

So Tae’s a little vague on details….it didn’t hurt anyone, right? ;P

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