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Tales 2

August 3, 2004 11:32 pm

…because everything needs a sequal these days.

Below is, as you might guess, part two of my travel stories from last month. Includes pictures!

7/18 7:40am – same hotel in Albuquerque
Back to Friday – Dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant, which managed to fix me up a huge plate of fajitas. Still have yet to eat the leftovers…not sure how to warm ‘em up to eat them. I fear theyÂ’ll be thrown out.

We drove by our old house, Chelwood Elementary, and the park on the way back here. House looks about the same…but not. Yark looks tiny, tree we planted is huge! Trim has been re-painted an ugly grey-blue color – sad. Lawn needed mowing… Park looked nice. School looked different – but my memory isn’t too clear on that. They also built on some additions. I did remember the Blue Cross-Blue Shield building behind the school, though! We briefly dropped in on the Walkers (old friends) – we have plans to meet today.

Overall, not much looked familiar that evening except in a hazy sort of way. The colors, the styles, the mountains look familiar, but specifics not so much. Came back, went swimming. Nice pool, also a hot tub.

Saturday breakfast at the adjoining restaurant. Poor service. CouldnÂ’t even manage orange juice, and the waitress had never heard of a boiled egg…oy. Then the car wouldnÂ’t start – dead battery. AAA jump-started us to get us to a Toyota dealership for a new battery. Service lady gave us grief about “You drove all the way from FL in that thing? The PreviaÂ’s an accident waiting to happen! YouÂ’ll be going home in a new Sienna. You know we brought those out because the Previa failed the crash tests…” Said she used to work in sales, and it showed.

Lunch – WendyÂ’s – not quite competent. Male teenage cashier kept making eyes at me…while I was glaring at him because he was screwing up the order while eying me. Jerk.

In the afternoon, we finally got to the Natural History Museum! They’ve added on, but the parts of the exterior that aren’t new look familiar. Sadly, Jurassic Hall was closed to rennovate and put up a new skeleton – opens August 7, which just kills me!! Must go back in a few years! Enjoyed it anyway, of course, still a great place. Best part – entering a room and remembering it!! Especially the Cretacious Hall and the Ice Age room – there I walked in and said “There’s a mammoth around that corner!” Very exciting! We also saw a planetarium movie on the Mars Rover and looking for life (discussions of water on Europa, etc.), and Pulse, a Stomp sort of show at the IMAX. All very good, though at first I wanted to kill a group of older Boy Scouts who were sitting behind us at the planetarium and making stupid comments. They shut up when the show started, though.

My reflection in the front of the building.
Around the corner.
Real dire wolves!

We wandered briefly into Old Town, much to Ben and GrahamÂ’s dismay. Saw the old bandstand that I used to dance around when I was four or five.    😉    It was the boys’ turn to enjoy dinner (they arenÂ’t much for Mexican), thus Pizza Hut, though Dad still got green chili on his. (Pepperoni, sausage, and green chili is a “Roadrunner Pizza” here.) We came back and went for a walk with Dad down to a grocery store, then he and Ben and I went swimming. All sorts of plans for today! The others are back at the hotel restaurant, but I decided IÂ’d rather eat pop-tarts than go back. Also a cold slice of pizza!

7/20 10:15pm
Little momÂ’nÂ’pop motel in Talequah – had the hardest time finding one, then the first two were full or had only smoking rooms. And now one room of our two was not made up…Maid here now. Graham is hunting flies.

Sunday morning was petroglyphs and the Pueblo Indian Culture Center. Navajo dancers (though the Navajo are not actually a Pueblo people) and history and art displays. Mention of Poke’s Pueblo Revolt of 1680!

In the afternoon, we met with Mrs. Walker and Kirsten, who was my best friend from age two to the time I moved after third grade, after which we were pen pals for several years. Mrs. Walker is a teacher, so we walked around Chelwood just for grins and then went to get drinks. Lots of long teacher stories – Kirsten and I were largely on the edges there, but were able to talk more later. Have often wondered if we would still be friends if we met now, but I rather think we would! WeÂ’ve exchanged e-mail addresses and agreed to trade English major tales. (Yes, she’s also an English major!)

Then went to the ZowistowskiÂ’s house for dinner – old friends of my parents’, going back to Vegas and before I was born) and a loooong evening. Parents and ZÂ’s greatly enjoyed it. Ben enjoyed the cat. Graham beat me twice at Bocce ball – a neat game.

Monday morning – returned to the Natural History Museum gift shop and planted birthday gift suggestions for the boys. Mother and I hit Old Town, boys did the Atomic Museum and we met up later using radios.

Dion’s pizza for dinner – nice. Rode the tram in the evening! Gorgeous. Ben wouldn’t go up, Dad also chose not to. Smooth ride, though – we picked a perfect night for it! The conductor said sometimes the tram can rock as much as five feet side to side!

Today we drove through east NM, north TX, and into OK. Many hourse of HP4 – are into chapter 18, around pg. 300. Lunch, rest stop, dinner at Wendy’s. Rest stop bathroom (a gas station) had large pieces of paper on the stall doors: “tell us where you’ve been!” Very amusing – was one from “Two blond bimbos” who were moving from California to NY and “having the time of our lives and about to make the move of our lives!” Good luck to them!

Wed. 7/21 10:05pm
The point of coming home via Oklahoma was to visit some family history type sites. The Cherokee side of the family ended up in Talequah, Oklahoma after the Trail of Tears, so there’s a Ross cemetary there. Several of my ancestors are buried there, and the house where my great-grandmother was born is not far away. That house is a museum these days. Known as Hunter’s Home, it was built by one of the more affluent Cherokee families and various people related to them lived there throughout the 1800’s. This would include my great-grandmother’s family, which would be why she was born in it…. She was around later when it became a museum – her favorite sister was curator, and she lived with her for a while…either during WWII or after she divorced my great-grandfather, I forget which. The later, I think. Anyway, this morning, we saw the cemetary, the house, and a Cherokee history museum. The afternoon was lots of driving, lots of Harry Potter, and two incompetent fast food joints.

HOME! Finished HP4 just as we got into Shalimar!

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Pug wrote a comment on August 4, 2004

“Lunch – WendyÂ’s – not quite competent. Male teenage cashier kept making eyes at me…while I was glaring at him because he was screwing up the order while eying me. Jerk.”

Awww… teehee. 😉

Tae wrote a comment on August 4, 2004

Have Cherokee in me too. Not as much as you tho (obviously ;)).
Question- ever read “Raptor Red”? Think you would enjoy it if not.

Odette wrote a comment on August 4, 2004

No, I haven’t heard of it – must look for it! Thanks!

Tae wrote a comment on August 5, 2004

Or you could just ask to borrow it from me. ;D

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