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The Fey in the Mirror: part next to last

August 27, 2004 9:24 am

Where was I? Ahh, yes, exploring the second floor of Prideth Manor.

After Petra poked around the guest bedrooms, there were two hallways to choose from, so the party picked the one to the left. I mean right. I mean my left. Errr, yeah. (Which way was it, Elf? *evil grin*)

Anyway, this corridor led to Duessa’s office. A coven of night hags were conferring in the outer office, and though they managed to infect Petra and Sheva with a nasty disease or two, Hamere was easily able to heal them.

The jackpot was found in the inner office. Desk drawers held (besides a bag you didn’t want to stick your hand into) coffers of gold and there was loose change under the couch cushions, but the whole family fortune was squirreled into hidden compartments in the columns holding up a pair of small statues. The desk also held the deed to the manor and a ledger. Petra snatched a page out of Nadrak’s book by claiming the deed, and Nadrak carefully noted the absense of massive quantites of money (and the deed) in the ledger. Petra also found a carefully hidden key.

Exiting the office, the party noticed that a new door had appeared around the corner from the top of the stairs, but Petra and Nadrak wanted to check out the last corridor. It led to the library. Heeheehee, yes, the library. The self-defending library. The bookcases shoot books at intruders, and the books then explode on contact. So much fun! And ya know, after a hydra and a dragon, it was the books that took certain characters way down in hit points….    😉 Must have been War and Peace, as Elf pointed out. Petra finally threw a fireball at the bookcases, causing them to shoot flaming books, at least at first. Then realizing that setting her new house on fire was probably a bad idea, she turned her dreamstone into a kiddie pool, had Hamere fill it with water, then Nadrak turned himself into a baby elephant in order to spray the water on the fire.    😉

When Nadrak and Petra were finally done in the library, Sheva’s curiosity concerning the new door could finally be satisfied. Behind the door was the staircase to the third floor. Reaching the top of the stairs, they heard voices. One voice was expressing doubts about the loyalty of the monsters on lower floors, while another urged trust in Duessa and especially Archimago, the great wizard. A third broke up the argument.

Since Sheva was still enchanted to look like Duessa, she bluffed her way in, claiming that Nadrak, Petra (holding Sheva’s sword, which is bigger than Petra is), and Hamere were new allies. She fooled them all, even an older woman who turned out to be Duessa’s long-time best friend, Mette. She wanted to draw “Duessa” away to talk privately, which of course worried the party. Petra slyly snuck a dagger onto Sheva, who was otherwise unarmed. However, all Metta had to say was that she thought one of the company that Duessa and Archimago had put together was probably a spy, and offered a suspicion or two.

However, just as Mette and Sheva stepped out of Mette’s room, the real Duessa stepped out of a room across from them. Confusion and battle ensued, leaving three of Duessa’s friends dead (including Mette). The party teleported out as soon as possible.

After putting some distance between themselves and Prideth Manor, the party camped for the night, and in the morning, proceeded to another location that the bandit had put on their map: an abandoned temple. It was much the same as the one Tae and Nadrak saw and circled around early on in the adventure, but this time the party explored. Petra found the secret stairs down to a basement level, where they found the final four knights who had tales of being tricked and captured. They were grateful to be freed and headed back toward Miralana’s capital. The party headed back to Prideth Manor to take care of their unfinished business.

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Tae wrote a comment on August 27, 2004

Sheva will be looking up said knights for a drink or two. 😉

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