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Finale of The Fey in the Mirror

September 4, 2004 11:58 pm

Here it is at last. You guys have been so patient. Well, sort of.

As you’ve all noticed, the site has a new look! I’m very excited about this; it’s been so bare for so long. Feedback is most welcome. The background started out as ripples in sand, but after grinding it through Photo Shop’s pattern generator it now looks more like crinkled paper. I rather like it, though, so it stays – at least for now. Obviously the right hand side of the title banner looks bad – I have an idea of how to fix it, but can’t promise that I’ll get to it before I leave on Tuesday. This is a blog, not a business, folks.    😉 (And a good thing, too, I know, I know.)

All right, you’ve waited long enough. Here we go.

When we left off, Petra, Nadrak, Sheva, and Hamere-the-mostly-NPC had found the knights in the abandoned temple and had returned to Prideth Manor. They chose to march straight in the front door (Nadrak in Trumpet Archon form again), where they were confronted by Solenne, Vasiliki (two of Duessa’s buddies from the third floor), and the marlith from the second floor. They were no match for our heros.

The party decided to poke around the first floor this time, just for grins. They carefully avoided the library, and tiptoed around the destrachans lurking in the music room, but directly confronted a trio of devourers in the banquet hall. As the monsters tried to run away, the battle moved into the billiard room, interrupting a game of pool between two night hags.

After slaying the lot of them, the party reminded the mirror that it had seen them before with “Duessa,” so it had no problem letting them through. (I think the mirror was made by Microsoft. It tried so hard to seem intelligent…and failed so badly.)

Waiting on the third floor were a group of Duessa’s pals. One was Sansfoy, the supposed prince of Orant who was with Duessa when the party met her on the road (at which point she was using the name Fidessa). Two more men looked exactly like Sansfoy (well, if you looked really close, there’s this tiny freckle above his eye…  😉 ). With the brothers was Blaine, a low level wizard who had been with the group lounging around on the third floor the day before. The brothers were killed, leaving the party in charge of some nifty swords known as the Royal Questing Swords of Orant. I think Nadrak has one and Sheva has one right now. Blaine, however, was captured, interrogated, and used as a meat shield.

The party proceeded through Duessa’s room into her private library, which was full of books about demon summoning, and dealing with the demons once you’ve got them here. (Yes, I said Dealing with Demons. Also . Many apologies to Patricia C. Wrede, whose books are more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Ooooh, speaking of which, I got a new one the other day! Not related to the afore-referred-to series, but also by Wrede. Sorcery and Cecelia, which caught my eye because of its subtitle, or, The Enchanted Chocolate Pot. A title like that, and by Wrede – glee!!!!!!

ahem. End tangent.)

Right, Duessa’s library, demon books. And about this time, Liz had to leave…so then there were two.

On the other side of the library they found Archimago’s room, and in there, a secret staircase up to the fourth floor. The room directly above Archimago’s was bare except for another mirror. This one was probably the Mac version of the one on the first floor, and it gave a pair of rather more intelligent riddles. One was even original…at least in the sense that I made it up. The second was verbatim Tolkein. Nadrak and Petra came up with the correct answers and the door was revealed, if not the room that followed. It was enshrouded in deeper darkness. I forget what they did to that…dispel it? I think so. Anyway, Petra was then able to find the hidden door.

In the next room, Nadrak was sucked into a mirror himself. This was particularly funny, since they were still dragging Blaine around. Miraculously, Blaine made the will save….and somehow, Nadrak did not. So Nadrak was pulled in. After some deliberation, Petra broke the mirror, dumping both Nadrak and Junko back into the world….in the same condition in which they entered it the first time. When both were decent, Junko explained that he had been asked to spy on Duessa after she came to the head of his temple trying to recruit clerics to her cause (freeing Mab and placing her back on Miralana’s throne). After that, Nadrak turned Blaine into a duck, and tossed him first into the next room.

With the mirror dealt with, Petra found the next hidden door, and they found a small room with a puzzle straight out of the first Harry Potter. (It’s one of my favorite parts, and didn’t make it into the movie, which is understandable. Of the obstacles at the end, this one is the least cinematic. Except perhaps for the ko’d troll, which was also left out of the movie, and I’m on a tangent again. End tangent.)

By this time, you’ve probably realized that I made them solve the potion bottle puzzle. They did it, too. I was pround. That solution, of course, opened the door to the last room. Duessa and Archimago were both there, as was the mirror with Mab in it. Duessa used several walls of force, and Petra summoned several monsers to come help. Unfortunately, several members of the party were ethereal at the time, which kept Nadrak from turning on the dimensional anchor, which allowed Duessa and Archimago to banish Petra’s beasties without too much trouble. Of course, Petra, Nadrak and company won out in the end. They retrieved Mab’s mirror from Duessa’s bedroom – during the battle, she had dimension door’ed away with the mirror. The party took the mirror back to Miralana, who awarded the party lots of gold and assured them that Mab would not have another opportunity to escape.

Eventually, Nadrak met up with Geeves, the butler again. He had sold Goglia (Archimago’s fortress) for big bucks to a man with olive skin and black hair. The fellow said he had recently left Orant, even through he had been a nobleman there. Said the government had become much more harsh there in the last few years….


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Tae wrote a comment on September 5, 2004

Must let me borrow Wrede after you’re finished. 😉

Pug wrote a comment on September 5, 2004

I call next dibs!!

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