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Hwaet! We Gar-dena in geardagum theod-cyninga thrym gefrunon, hu tha aethelingas ellen fremedon.

January 30, 2005 9:19 pm

Fun and games for my Beowulf class this week included having to read for my prof the first eleven lines of the poem…in the Old English. It’s fun to say.   😉   This is the first sentence – three lines.

Whew. I’ve spent most of the weekend working on my Beowulf paper. It has to be 15 – 20 pages eventually, but I figure if I can have ten in my rough draft due Wednesday, that should be fine. I have two weeks after that to revise and keep working. I’m still at the stage where I think the whole thing is a lot of BS, but at least I’ve had a mostly distraction-free weekend – all three of my roommates were gone for most of the weekend.

Last night I got together with a few study abroad buddies for a game of Phase 10, which is an awesome card game – Jen taught me how to play a couple of years ago. Dawson had brought cards to Europe last fall, so last night’s game was full of “yeah, remember that night we were playing this in Dublin?” type reminiscences.

Friday night Jen’s parents came up for her birthday, so there is Cake in the apartment. Yay! I also got to tag along on the birthday dinner at the Olive Garden. Good stuff.

In acting class this week, I found out what the inside of a floppy disc looks like. All week we’d been playing with some pretty intense emotional stuff, which basically came down to yelling at each other or sobbing on each other’s shoulders. So for Friday, the assignment was to bring in something that we could come in and just tear apart in a rage – but then at a given point, we would have to suddenly find a reason to save it and regret our rash actions. Yeah. So I took an empty floppy. It was a really flimsy one, too – snapped right in half. An interesting class session in more ways than one.

Quote for the day:

No, it’s not real, but it is funny.

the church sign generator
Have fun.

Okay. The following bits have been sitting on my computer desktop since last…April probably. I’d planned to post them here because they amused me, but somehow never got around to it (the first bit may explain why…). They still amuse me, so eat your heart out.

This one should be reasonably self-explanatory
Katie: At this point, I’m very glad I had the sense NOT to be in the oratorio this term, because I would have been doing WAAY too much.
J.C.: No kidding, Katie!
J.C.: Heck, I’m worried about you here.
Katie: yeah, yeah, yeah….
J.C.: I don’t know how it is that you just naturally find yourself as much stress as possible…
J.C.: You’d be interesting to study in that respect.
Katie: I don’t go looking for stress!!!
J.C.: My foot.
Katie: (*LAUGHS* I don’t think I’ve ever heard you use that phrase before. I’m tickled.)
J.C.: (heh… I picked it up last year sometime… James is amused by it…)
Katie: *chortles*
Katie: I just have a lot of interests, and I don’t like to pass up opportunities!
J.C.: In your case the two are synonymous…
Katie: But..but…I enjoy everything!
Katie: Exept HES. I would give up HES.
* J.C. shakes his head…
J.C.: You’re only barely credible. 😉
Katie: Awwwwww
J.C.: well, I can’t say I’m upset you have all your interests…
J.C.: I’m just always dumbfounded how you keep going with your days all full!
Katie: Fiddler is in about three weeks, though. Things will calm down after that.
Katie: It’s getting to be a bit much.
J.C.: I have to admit this is welcome news to me. I need a reminder that you’re human…
J.C.: *grin*
Katie: I do bleed red, I promise.
Katie: And I don’t have a time turner.
Katie: (Sadly)
J.C.: You’d be frightening with a time turner…
J.C.: Truly frightening…
Katie: bwahahahaha

In reference to treadmills, which I think are just freaky
J.C.: If you want to confuse your head badly, try this:
J.C.: Sprint for 5 minutes on the treadmill as fast as you can keep up,
J.C.: then stop fairly quickly and start walking backward around the room.
J.C.: It’s almost cruel to your inner ear.
J.C.: But really quite a queer and funny sensation…
J.C.: Worth it just to feel once, I think.
Katie: *laughs*
J.C.: Do it!
J.C.: I’ve seen much weirder…
Katie: Maybe.
J.C.: There’s that fancy word for ‘no’ again.
J.C.: I swear, you university types go off and then get all high and mighty around us simple folk.
Katie: uhhhh…and what does UF stand for, my good fellow?
J.C.: Unified Farmers
J.C.: We learn to be good communist workers!
Katie: …yes dear.

I think this one started when, after a shower, I was referred to as a “freshly laundered Katie”
Katie: Freshly laundered, huh? 😉
* J.C. grins.
Katie: That reminds me of two things.
J.C.: You’re going to starch me next time we meet?
Katie: 1. Hobbes, taking his bath in the washing machine.
J.C.: *chuckle*
Katie: 2. Reading somewhere a tag line for hair care products back when such things started to be produced. Something along the lines of “Don’t launder your hair – shampoo it!”
Katie: You must admit, “shampoo” is a very odd word.
J.C.: It is.
J.C.: In fact, if you don’t mind the gross out factor, I’ve seen a bumper sticker that said, “Reject SHAMpoo! Use real poo!”
Katie: If I were learning English, my first instinct would be that “shampoo” would be in a category with “thingamajig” and “heffalumps and woozles”
J.C.: I wonder where that term came from anyway.
Katie: I have NO idea!
J.C.: woozles are much more meaningful than shampoo!
J.C.: How dare you classify them with such dregs!
Katie: Except when my hair is dirty.
Katie: Then I’d rather have shampoo than a woozle.

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Pug wrote a comment on January 30, 2005

You’ve seen the inside of hard drives, but you hadn’t seen the inside of a floppy disk, hmm? How remarkably strange. 🙂

You still haven’t starched me… 🙂

Odette wrote a comment on January 30, 2005

Well, I have now….

Not planning to. 😉

Tae wrote a comment on January 31, 2005

You and Steph need to start a support group; “Stress Seekers Anonymous”. I swear she doesn’t feel like normal unless she has 6 things too many to do. ;P

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