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Allow me to express some blatant disgust

January 31, 2005 6:52 pm

Pug’s Place today points to an article on Jean’s favorite “funny site” which frankly makes chills run down my spine. This one falls somewhere between “what’s wrong with American education” and “what’s wrong with America.” Either way, it’s bad.

Despite the fact that these teenagers are teetering on the brink of personal independence, they don’t see how precious our First Amendment freedoms are. I don’t know what kind of high school students they surveyed, but when half – yes, half – of thses kids consider freedom of the press unnecessary at best, I cannot help being shocked.

CNN does make it clear that the fault probably lies with educators. Of all the things that should be taught but aren’t, our rights as American citizens seems like a glaring omission to me (get me started on basic writing skills some other time). Also, Pug is quick to point out that high schools have a tendency towards totalitarianism – I know my dear old alma mater is going that direction under the leadership of a new principal we like to call Queen Cindy I. If high school students are treated like inmates in a high security prison, then what could the First Amendment possibly mean to them?

Most of you have heard me rant about airport security and Big Brother pawing through my luggage – this falls into the same big bag. Sometimes I think that this country deserves to fall into an Orwellian pit. ‘Cause if a lot of people don’t open their eyes, that’s exactly where we’re going to end up. And then you can call me Cassandra.

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