Vulcan’s Peak


February 15, 2005 9:49 pm

YES! Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present a Lady Vulcan who has finished her seminar paper!!!

Beowulf can go back to being a nice, normal part-time interest, rather than a full time obsession. Yay! Maybe I won’t even joke about naming a daughter Freawaru anymore! Ooops, I just did….

On a different note: you know you’re a nerd when…

…Valentine’s Day comes along and your boyfriend gives you a lovely new set of dice in a new, pretty dice bag. *glee!*

And then you open a card which contains the line

“You know, I’ve learned an enormous amount from you about living, relationships, communicating effectively, laying traps for players…”

For the sake of completeness, I also now have the DVD of Groundhog Day, one of my favorite funny movies.    :o)

What more could a girl want?

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