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Something I’d almost forgotten

March 24, 2005 10:06 pm

A call to my anime-literate friends: anybody know anything about a tv series called ‘Gatchaman’? Apparently it sometimes also goes by ‘Battle of the Planets’ and when I watched it on Cartoon Network about ten years ago, it was called ‘G Force.’ Something brought it to mind last week, sending me on a google search for a nostalgia trip. If you really want to laugh at me (heck, I am!) take a look at the clip labelled “The Original.” Apparently I knew it very well at one time… I had a wierd sensation of almost knowing the next line. Very funny. Anyway, I wondered if this was a series anyone else was familiar with/enjoys/hates with the passion of a thousand suns/garlic. Clearly I saw something in the story ten years ago, but would I see anything worthwhile about it now? Always an interesting question.

‘Tis the month for visitors here! Pug was here last weekend and my dad and brothers will be here on Saturday. *glee*

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Tae wrote a comment on March 25, 2005

Yup. And I have seen it under all its various titles. I’m not sure WHY they changed it so many times (probably something to do with changing American licenses and such). As far as formulaic mecha/super-hero shows it was one of the better ones in my opinion. Cartoon Network didn’t (to my knowledge) show the later episodes which were darker and more interesting. Also, the villian was actually a hemaphrodite (bother, I can’t remember if that’s the right term- both male and female) but it the English dubbing, they just made ‘him’ a Rocky Horror wannabe- possibly why they never showed the later epi, because they eventually unmask ‘him’.

Odette wrote a comment on March 25, 2005


Carmen wrote a comment on March 25, 2005

I watched it too! And it actually came to my mind as well earlier this week. =D I only knew it as G-Force, but saw it once under another name (which I don’t remember).

Yep, hermaphrodite’s the right term.

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