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Hello from NH!

June 10, 2005 11:15 am

I got settleed in at the B&B Monday afternoon after driving back from Manchester – not a bad drive at all. Anne, who runs the B&B is very nice and the house is small, old, cozy, and thoroughly country. Adorable. I’m sitting in the screen porch to type this (as of Tues pm), the evening is cool, and I have a lovely view of all Anne’s blooming flowerbeds. I think I hear frogs out behind the house somewehre.

The house is actually very small for a B&B – especially compared to Stratford last fall where the house was clearly split into guest rooms and family rooms and were were served at meals, which was hard for a bunch of self-sufficient American kids to get used to. Here there’s only one room upstairs (mine this week) and the basement apartment (mine after this week) and Anne, so I have the run of the kitchen if I want it, etc. etc. The people downstairs this week are a mother and her 8 year old son (middle of her three boys – “so this is what it’s like to have one child,” she says in her Boston accent, “this is easy!”) who are here for a workshop for homeschoolers. She’s very friendly and the boy adores Anne’s dogs. There are three and I’ve found that sitting in the living room too long (it’s the doggiest room in the house) gives me this sniffles, but otherwise they don’t bother me. They’re all fairly old, Bronson especially, but Kayla and Frieda are also mature enough to be fairly mellow. They were perturbed with me when I was up before Anne Tuesday morning and getting my breakfast but not feeding them! – but generally they seem not to mind me either.

I had the first opportunity to make back a bit of my rent Monday afternoon after moving in. Anne had hip-replacement surgery not long ago and isn’t able to kneel in the garden, so she asked me to do some planting – just flowers that needed to get into the ground. At least I don’t seem to have killed anything yet. Much more pleasant to be in the yard here than in Florida, let me tell you, though there are still plenty of bugs. Nasty little black flies.

Tuesday morning I drove into town and actually managed to park in the right place – most of the lots say “for residents of xxx only” or “3 hour parking” but there’s a place that’s kosher. Supposedly, my FL tag makes me more or less immune to tickets, but best not to test that.

The company is working on a few books at the moment as well as the usual slate of magazines. Tuesday morning, I was proofreading a book about to go to the printer (as in was due yesterday, so this was very much an almost-the-last-chance-to-catch-mistakes). And I did find a few typos, so I felt like a Very Useful Engine or something like that. It’s the first in a series of books about the Civil War geared to – oh, probably late elementary or middle schoolers. Apparently it’s something new they’re trying – collecting bits and pieces previously published in their various magazines and putting it together in a new format. There’s also another series of books in the works, collections of animal stories for younger children. I have the first pass of three of these on my desk to go through as well.

(Aside: Yes, I have a desk – a cubicle for that matter. Fairly secluded and private (good working conditions for me) – though I share the space with filing cabinets, so once in a while someone wanders in – and the whole office is generally pretty quiet. As you’ve figured out by now, there is a computer at this desk, highly reminiscent of the old “glorified typewriter” I used in high school. Runs windows NT 4.0, internet hexplorer 5.5, has no USB ports, etc. Keyboard was extremely clatterly – painfully so until I switched it out Wednesday afternoon. Ha! Much better – can stand to type on it now. This one’s more like what I had in high school – the other was much worse. End aside.)

Tuesday I went and found lunch at the little café inside the bookshop Dad and I explored, a place called The Toadstool – a very friendly girl at the counter helped with allergy issues. That afternoon, I worked with the editor of the one science magazine published here in NH (the other six are various flavors of social studies). She’s just starting a Dec. issue on “Survival!” – playing off the tv shows, of course, but going in a more science-y direction – how adrenaline works and endurance for marathoners, etc. Apparently when she starts to plan an issue, she sends out the topic to writers who send back “queries” saying “I would write an article on such-and-so” and include an outline. So she had me sorting through those. One was actually about food allergies and started with an anecdote about the author’s husband who wanted to “build an immunity” to shellfish, so ate some and went off hiking in the woods! Didn’t know whether to laugh at the fool or gape in horror! Picked the latter, as it’s quieter.

Since Tuesday, I’ve been sitting in on design meetings, where they go through the issue article by article discussing what pictures to use or what artists to hire. Fascinating to listen to thought processes, etc. I’ve also been doing a fair amount of proofreading of this and that.

So I had a most interesting first week and have high hopes for the summer!

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Katie news! Yay! 😉

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